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Student Life and Leadership

SOLE Awards

What are SOLE Awards?

SOLE Awards is a special event put on by the Student Life and Leadership Department in the Spring semester of every year to recognize all the hard work student organizations have put throughout the year. Student organizations nominate candidates for an opportunity to win SOLE CREDIT and or CASH.


  • Student Organization of the Year

    The Outstanding Student Organization award was developed to recognize the outstanding role student organizations play in both campus and community life. Members, advisors and other officers are invited to nominate their club.  The winning club will have their organization name placed on a perpetual plaque and be presented a $500 check to commemorate this achievement.

  • Outstanding Student Organization Leader

    The Outstanding Student Organization Leader award was developed to recognize the critical role student leaders play in their service to their members, campus and Chico community. Members, advisors and other officers are invited to nominate an outstanding student leader from their club.  The recipient of this award will be presented a $500 check and a plaque to commemorate his/her achievement.

  • Rick Rees Unsung Hero

    Change and new ideas do not always commence from the formalized leader positions in an organization. Sometimes positive actions begin with a general member who is not your traditional leader. The Rick Rees "Unsung Hero" Award is designed to recognize a student who:

    • Positively impacted the student organization and/or the Chico State community
    • Creates behind-the-scenes change that improved the student organization
    • Was a mentor and a leader to those in the organization, even if informally
    • Has gone above and beyond their duties with the club without receiving or asking for direction or compensation
  • Event/Program of the Year

    Did your club bring in an incredible speaker?  Put on a fantastic workshop?  Organize an exceptional fundraiser? Host an amazing experience?  This is your chance to brag and submit your nomination for the Outstanding Program of the Year!

  • Best WildcatSync Presence

    Are you using Wildcat Sync to help your club presence, communication and organization?  Nominate yourself for this award, worth $100 charge credit for your club to w/AS food, Rapid Copy or room reservations!  All you have to do is nominate your club, we'll go online and see how you are using Wildcat Sync...easy as point and click!

  • Best T-Shirt

    Did your club produce a fabulous T-shirt this year?  Show it off! If you think you have the best student organization t-shirt, YOU MUST BRING ONE TO THE STUDENT LIFE AND LEADERSHIP OFFICE TO BE CONSIDERED! Students will be able to vote for their favorite shirt the week leading up to the SOLE Awards and during the event, the winning t-shirt design will earn a $100 charge credit for use w/AS food, Rapid Copy or room reservations.

For more information or to complete a nomination form, look for the SOLE awards information click and sign on to Wildcat Sync.

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