Student Life and Leadership

University Publicity Protocol

Any sponsoring organization which violates these policies will have any posted material removed and is thereby open to the application of sanctions:

  1. Exclusion from use of university publicity outlets
  2. Denial of university facilities and equipment
  3. Denial of university recognition

Publicity Allowed for ALL Entities


  • Publicity and printed materials may only be posted on identified “Public Bulletin Boards.”
  • All posted materials appearing on bulletin boards must be stamped by the Student Life and Leadership office in BMU 220 prior to posting.
  • Posters are to be no larger than 11” x 17” and must contain the name and contact information (phone number, e-mail, and/or postal address) of the sponsoring entity and must be clearly visible on the poster. The event, time, place, and any cost/price/donation must also be stated.
  • Only one poster per event is allowed on each board, regardless of board size.
  • Posting over or removing existing material is not allowed.
  • Public Bulletin Boards are checked at the discretion of Student Life and Leadership and will be cleared each Friday.
  • No signs may be attached to buildings, poles, landscaping, trees or other fixed objects.

Publicity Allowed for On-Campus Entities ONLY

Sandwich Boards

  • Maximum size for sandwich board signs is 2’ x 4’ and signs must be free-standing (no anchoring to other objects, landscaping or trees).
  • Signs should not be placed on lawns or shrub areas, but on hard surface adjacent to walkways and landscaping.
  • Signs may not restrict access to sidewalks or building entrances, with special consideration for regular business, ADA, and/or fire access. 

Lawn Stakes

  • Signs staked on lawns may be removed for mowing or watering.  It is recommended, for sign safety, for the owner to remove the signs daily after 6pm.  If signs are left overnight, the University is not responsible for lost or destroyed signs.
  • Signs may be staked with wood or metal stakes, but may not go into the ground deeper than 6 inches.
  • Sponsoring the organization’s name and contact info must appear on the sign or sign stake.

Prohibited Publicity


• Due to the negative environmental and resource impacts associated with it(removal via washing wastewater and runs the risk of introducing pollutants into the natural stormwater removal network of campus streams), chalking on campus is not permitted.

• Any chalking on campus property will be treated as graffiti and removed. The sponsoring organization affiliated with the chalking promotion may be sanctioned or charged for the clean-up fees associated with the removal.

The following locations have been designated as Public Bulletin Boards

Aymer J. Hamilton Building

  • next to 124
  • next to 108B (3)
  • next to 118

Ayres Hall

  • next to 100(2)
  • next to 106
  • next to 114
  • next to 126

Butte Hall

  • next to 111
  • next to 102 & exterior doors

Holt Hall

  • next to 172 *
  • next to 171
  • next to 189
  • next to 187
  • next to 111
  • next to 125

Modoc Hall

  • next to 114 (2) *
  • next to 123
  • next to 125
  • next to 116
  • next to 129

O’Connell Hall

  • next to 136
  • next to 121

Performing Arts Center

  • next to 116
  • across from 118 *
  • next to 119 *

New Physical Science Building

  • 2nd Floor:
    • next to 241
    • next to 246
    • next to 250
  • 3rd Floor: 
    • next to 320A & 320B
    • next to 340
    • next to 342
    • next to 346
    • next to 350
    • across 354
  • 4th Floor:
    • next to 427 A (above trash bins)
    • next to 430 A&B
    • next to 451
    • next to 452
    • next to 454
    • next to 456 B
    • across 460 (near trash bins)

Shurmer and Acker Gym

  • next to Shurmer Gym 102
  • next to AGYM 111
  • next to AGYM 129

Tehama Hall

  • next to 117

Trinity Hall

  • next to 101 (2) 
  • near the Northside restrooms

Paid Advertising

There are limited opportunities for public, non-profit, or private entities to pay for advertising on campus. They include the following, along with contact information for each: 

  • Due to the limited size or high traffic of these boards, they will be cleared each week of all materials, including those that have been approved for extensions.
campus map highlighting the parkings: corner of west 2nd and warner, corner of esplanade and west 2nd st, and the parking by the gateway science museum.