Student Life and Leadership

General Tabling Policy

General Tabling Rules:

  • You must have your tabling permit with you at all times when you are tabling.

  • Table spaces are very specific and take into account ADA and fire lane access. Tabling may only occur in spots designated for this use.

  • Whenever possible you should table in the spot you reserved. If, on the day of your event, you see

    another designated tabling spot you would rather have, and it is available, you may relocate to that spot. If the organization or group that originally reserved that location shows up you must move back to your own reserved location.

Off-Campus For Profit Entities:

These groups cannot book tabling on campus, but are welcome, with a City of Chico business license, to solicit and promote using City of Chico property surrounding campus (ie. City sidewalks, etc.). Please make sure not to block ADA or fire access.

Known Non-Profit Organizations, Un-Recognized Student Organizations, Campus Offices, Class Projects and AS Programs:

  • All of these groups must request tabling space through Student Life and Leadership. An appointed representative must come into the office, in-person, to fill out the Tabling Request Form.

  • Known Non-Profits should supply their 501(c)(3) number.
  • These groups must supply all their own equipment for tabling.

Student Organizations:

  • An authorized club representative must appear in person at the Student Life and Leadership Office located in BMU 220 in order to reserve a tabling spot.

  • You will be able to reserve two weeks at a time. Spots are assigned in the order that they are requested.

  • If you are serving food of any kind, please schedule a meeting with a Para Professional prior to your planned tabling date.

  • Only Recognized Student Organizations may reserve equipment from Student Life and Leadership.

  • At the point of reservation, discuss your equipment needs with the our front desk staff.

  • We have a limited supply of equipment and there is no guarantee you will have a table and chair. If you have your own equipment, please plan to use it while you table.

  • Equipment may only be checked-out and checked-in during Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 9:50am and 2:00pm-2:50pm.

  • You are personally and financially responsible for any damages or loss of the equipment.

  • If you have additional equipment needs, please schedule a meeting with a Para Professional to plan and reserve additional equipment.

Failure to abide by Student Life and Leadership policies for tabling and/or equipment check- out and use will result in the following consequences.

  • First Infraction: A warning will be issued via-email regarding the infraction.
  • Second Infraction: An official sanction will be e-mailed to the President, Treasurer and Advisor citing the specific violations.
  • Third Infraction: An official sanction will be e-mailed to the President, Treasurer and Advisor citing specific violations. Your organization will not be permitted to check-out any Student Life and Leadership equipment for the rest of the year. 

Student Life and Leadership reserves the right to suspend tabling and equipment loans at any time.

campus south-east entrance
kendall hall
Trinity commons tabling area