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Liahna Gordon

Professor, Vice Chair

Dr. Liahna E. Gordon, Professor of Sociology, teaches many of the core classes for the Sociology Program, including Social Research Methods, Contemporary Social Theory, Doing Social Research, and Maneuvering the Job Market with a Sociology Degree. She is continually impressed by the high level of engagement that her students show in these required courses. Her area of specialty within sociology is the sociology of sexuality, and she teaches both Sociology of Sexuality and Constructing Sexualities. She has also taught Sexuality and Globalization twice for the USAC study abroad program in Madrid, Spain.

Research Interests and Publications:

Most recently Dr. Gordon published a research methods textbook written specifically for sociology students.  Her research interests generally revolve around the intersections of sexuality, deviance, and gender.  Her publications are often inspired by classroom discussions or questions from students.  Recent publications include:

Liahna E. Gordon.  2016.  Real Research:  Research Methods Sociology Students Can Use Thousand Oaks:  Sage.

Liahna E. Gordon and Tony Silva.  2015.  “Inhabiting the Sexual Landscape:  Toward an Interpretive Theory of the Development of Sexual Orientation and Identity,”  Journal of Homosexuality 62(4): 1-36.

Liahna E. Gordon.  2013.  “Wankers, Inverts, and Addicts:  The Scientific Construction of Sexuality as a Social Problem,” in Joel Best and Scott Harris (eds.),  Making Sense of Social Problems:  New Images, New Issues.  Boulder:  Lynne Rienner Publishers.

Liahna E. Gordon.  2006.  “Bringing the U-Haul:  Embracing and Resisting Traditional Sexual Stereotypes in a Lesbian Community,”  Sexualities 9(2):171-192.

Liahna E. Gordon and Lyndall Ellingson, 2006.  “In the Eyes of the Beholder:  Student Understandings of Pleasure and Danger in Sexuality Education Lessons,”  Sex Education 6(3):251-264.

Gordon regularly presents both research and teaching presentations at the Pacific Sociological Association’s annual meetings.


Dr. Gordon has served on the Board of Directors or as an advisor for three different campus groups.  She was recognized by the GSEC with a Harvey Milk Award for her advocacy both on campus and in the city of Chico for her advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community, and has served on a number of committees and boards for the campus, community, and professional organizations.  She currently volunteers with the Chico’s Safe Space Winter Shelter.

Portrait of Liahna Gordon