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Nik Janos

Associate Professor

Nik Janos is Associate Professor of Sociology at California State University, Chico. In 2012, he earned a Ph.D. in sociology from UC Santa Cruz. His work is at the intersection of urban and environmental studies. In particular, he examines urbanization and ecological crisis and disaster by exploring how capitalism, governance practices, and technology shape these crises. His work pays particular attention to how ecological vulnerabilities and inequalities intersect with race and class inequalities. His research sites have been Post-Katrina New Orleans and understanding the drawn out salmon crisis of the Puget Sound, in and around Seattle. He also spends a considerable amount of time understanding, and advocating for, the carbon free energy transition. He also runs the Green Space Notes blog, which is designed to catalogue and discuss current topics related to the environment, economy, politics, technology, and cities. He is a passionate teacher, and continuously pushes his students towards practicing a critical citizenship and participatory learning. 


Green Space Notes(opens in new window)


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Janos, N. (2020). Urbanising territory: The contradictions of eco-cityism at the industrial margins, Duwamish River, Seattle. Urban Studies, 57(11), 2282–2299. in new window)

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Course taught:

Environmental Sociology, Wealth and Inequality, Global Problems, Classical Social Theory, Public Sociology

Portrait of Nik Janos