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Patricia Perez

Assistant Professor

Patti joined Chico State in Fall 2016 after teaching several years at California State University Dominguez Hills. She earned her Ph.D in Sociology from the University of California - Los Angeles and her law degree from Case Western Reserve University Law School. Before pursuing law and sociology, as an undergraduate she double majored in Psychology (Case Western Reserve) and Music Theory (Cleveland Institute of Music and Case Western Reserve).

Courses Taught:

Introduction to Sociology; Classical Social Theory; Contemporary Social Theory; Research Methods; Analytical Statistics; Ethnographic Methods; Sociology of Gender; Contested Sexualities; Queer Theory; Sociology of Sexuality; Mass Media & Aggression Against Women; Work Labor and Social Justice; Law and Society; Sociology of Cheating; Sociology of Deviance; Corrections; Criminology; Youth Crime and Delinquency; Gangs and Adol. Subcultures; Drug and Alcohol Use; Globalization; Social Environment of Education; Self and Society; Social Psychology; Ark Work and Identity; Sociology of Mental Illness

Selected Writing:

In press. "A Comparison of Promoter and Listener Preferences for Popular Music Artists" Sociological Perspectives.

2010. "Heterosexuality is Totally Metal: Ritualized Community and Separation at a Local Music Club" Journal of Popular Music and Society. 22:3, 259-282.

2010. "Popular Music, Gender, and Sexualization: A Latent Class Analysis of Artist Types" Poetics: Journal of Empirical Research on Culture, Media, and the Arts. 39:1, 44-63.

2010. "Pop Stars and Gender: The Relation of Representation, Promotion, and Listener Preferences to Artist Success." Thesis, Ph.D. in Sociology, University of California - Los Angeles

2000. "Supreme Courtís Denial of Certiorari in Dallas Fire Fighters Leaves Unsettled the Standard for Compelling Remedial Interests." Case Western Reserve Law Review 50:759-796.

2000. "Trouble in River City: The Legacy of Romer vs. Evans Remains Despite Issue 3." Thesis, Juris Doctor, Case Western Reserve University Law School.