Path 3: Working on Issues of Sexuality and Gender

This includes caseworker and management positions at domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, reproductive health/family planning organizations, gay rights organizations, and AIDS education/service organizations. Students interested in this career path should consider taking these classes:

Core: Sociology of Gender, Population, Sociology of Wealth and Inequality, Self and Society

Institutions : Sociology of Law, Political Sociology

Electives: Women in Contemporary Societies, Sociology of Sexuality, Women Work and Families, Sociology of Human Stress, Constructing Sexualities, Social Movements, Organizational Theory, Sociology of African Americans, Introduction to Chicano Studies, introduction to the Asian American Experience

Consider taking an Internship , especially working with: The Women's Center, Rape Crisis, Women's Health Specialists, Planned Parenthood, or the Stonewall Alliance Center,

Suggested Theme: Theme F - Gender Perspectives, or Theme O- Women's Issues

Suggested Minors: Women's Studies or Sexual Diversity Studies

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students and staff at woman's march in downtown chico