Path 5: International Organizations

This includes work with a variety of international organizations, for example, the Peace Corps.

  • Core: Population, Sociology of Gender, Sociology of Wealth and Inequality
  • Institutions: Sociology of Religion, Political Sociology, Sociology of Education
  • Electives: Social Problems, Genocide and Mass Persuasion, Sociology of the Holocaust, Environmental Sociology, Organizational Theory, Global Perspective on Ethnicity and Nationalism
  • Consider taking an Internship: Work with international students through the American Language and Culture Institute and here at CSU, Chico or with another exchange program such as American Friends Service Committee. Other possibilities are to work with refugee assistance agencies doing resettlement locally or in other areas: International Rescue Committee, Catholic Relief Services, Lutheran Immigrant Services. Students with environmental interests may intern with Solar Cookers International in Sacramento. For more information, please contact the Sociology Department.
  • Suggested Theme: Theme C - Cross-Cultural Exploration, Theme G - Global Issues, Theme N - War and Peace, or Theme U - Catastrophe and Humanity
  • Suggested Minors: International Relations, Anthropology, Environmental Studies, Geography, Planning and Development, Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, African Studies, or Middle Eastern Studies

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