Path 6: Professional Sociologist

This path is for those who want to go on to get a graduate degree in sociology, to teach sociology at the college or university level, or to be a professional researcher.

The classes you choose for this particular path are largely dependent upon your topical interests. Be sure to take classes in the fields you would like to study or research in graduate school.

  • Core : Self and Society, Population, Ethnic and Race Relations, Sociology of Wealth and Inequality, Sociology of Gender
  • Institutions : Sociology of Work, Sociology of Law, Sociology of Religion, Political Sociology, Sociology of Education
  • Electives : Qualitative Research Methods and Quantitative Research Methods (take both: one for the requirement, the other as an elective); Honors in Sociology for those who qualify; Teaching Apprenticeship; other electives dependent upon areas of interest
  • Consider taking an Internship with : a sociology faculty member, working with them on their research (may be taken as a Special Problems course)
  • Suggested Theme : Any, depending on area of interest
  • Suggested Minor : Applied Social Research Methods (Under Social Science Program), or other, depending on area of interest

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