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Sociology Major Advisors

All of our major advisors can help both on-campus and distance education students with:

  • declaring the major
  • planning courses for next semester
  • transferring sociology courses from a community college or other university to count toward your sociology major at Chico State
In addition, some of our major advisors offer additional services, listed below.  If you are declared as a sociology major, you have been assigned an advisor in your student center.  While you are always welcome to see that person, you are also able to make an appointment with any of the major advisors who can best meet your needs.

Click on one of the advisors’ photos to make an appointment with that person.

Additional Sociology Advising

If you need information about one of the following, please click on the photo of the  the advisor indicated to schedule an appointment.

Liahna Gordon
Liahna Gordon
  • Study abroad advising