Job and Internships Opportunities

Adelante Wayfinders Mentoring Program

The Adelante Wayfinders Program is now open for Fall 2022!

This program aims to support students on their undergraduate academic journey and prepare them for graduate and post-college opportunities.

If you are interested in being a mentee and want to gain access to resources from students who were in your position once, check out the mentee application here

API NEXT State Capitol Internship

The API NEXT State Capitol Internship is a professional and leadership development program, designed for students interested in skills and experiences to help advance their leadership skills in government, industry, and community affairs.

This program, places interns into offices in the Capitol and other elected offices, while providing interns opportunities to put into practice skills valuable and transferable in multiple industry sectors. 

To read more of the benefits and deadlines to this great opportunity, click here (PDF)

#CaliforniansForAll College Corps
Research Participation Program at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention

The ORISE Research Participation Programs at the CDC is an educational training program that allows college students, graduates, and faculty to participate in projects and research opportunities that provides a connection to unique resources offered by the CDC. 

The following opportunities are open to both current undergraduates and alumni who have completed a B.A.  There are additional programs for alum who have completed their B.A., are in graduate school, or have completed their Master’s Degree—visit the website for more information.  Lots of sociologists work at the CDC—it is NOT only for those in biological sciences and health fields!

  • CDC Birth Defects Surveillance and Research Summer Fellowship Reference Code CDC-NCBDDD-2022-0184
  • CDC Cannabis Strategy Fellowship, Reference Code CDC-NCIPC-2022-0179
  • CDC Fellowship in Local Area Monitoring and MNRH Data Visualization Analysis
  • CDC Public Health Communications Fellowship, Reference Code CDC-ID-2022-0130
  • Research Participation opportunities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Reference Code CDC-General-RPP-2022
  • CDC Policy Analysis Fellowship, Reference Code CDC-NCEH-2021-0235-A
  • CDC Public Health Informatics Fellowship, Reference Code CDC-CSELS-2021-0104
Center for Critical Public Health

The Center for Critical Public Health ia a non-profit, social science reasearch. They are currently conducting two paid research studies called the Northstate Smoking Study (opens in new window)and Northstate Intoxication Study(opens in new window), which are focused on understanding young adults' experiences with nicotine and tobacco, as well as alcohol use and intoxication in Northern California.

They are currently seeking 2 part-time Interviewers, as well as a part-time Recruiter for the studies. To read more information, requirments and deadlines to this great opportunity, click here (PDF)

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