What Can I Do With Sociology?

Students graduate from our program with passion and concrete skills. Hands-on courses, focusing on grant-writing, internships, and research practice, prepare students for life after graduation by developing actionable skills beyond critical thinking. Our unique course on maneuvering the job market with a sociology degree helps students to identify careers in which they can thrive and teaches them how to secure jobs in these fields.

Some of our alumni work for regional, national and global nonprofit organizations. Others pursue careers in teaching; university life; nursing; medicine; nonprofits, public, and private administration; and cutting-edge technology. Some of our students go on to master’s and doctorate programs in sociology and become professors or professional researchers. We are honored that some of our alumni have returned to teach courses in our department.

We believe regardless of whether a graduate has the title “sociologist,” all our graduates have gained the skills and tools to practice sociological thinking in any career or social environment they enter. Our students, wherever they end up, are on the front lines of social change. 

Explore what our alumni are doing in their careers!