The application period for 2021-22 Wildcat Scholarship has now ended.

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Scholarships are designed to help cover your educational expenses next year. To be eligible for the next scholarship cycle, you must be continuing as a full-time student in Fall 2022.

Sociology Scholarships

The Michael A. Messner Social Justice Scholarship

The Michael A. Messner Social Justice Scholarship will be awarded annually to a junior majoring in sociology whose work promises to make important contributions to understanding and/or alleviating social inequalities. The awardee will have shown evidence of engaged commitment to advancing scholarly research and/or community activism that addresses the causes or consequences of persistent social inequalities along lines of social class, gender, race, or national origin.

Michael A. Messner's belief that sociological research and teaching can contribute to building a more just society and world was kindled at Chico State, where he received his BA (1974) and MA (1976). After completing his PhD at U.C. Berkeley, he spent over four decades teaching sociology, most of that time at the University of Southern California. Inspired by feminism and other progressive social movements, Messner authored many books and articles that illuminate the causes and consequences of gender inequalities, violence and war, and social movements that seek to promote equality, end violence, and promote peace. Carrying on the lessons he learned from his professors at Chico State, Messner taught countless undergraduates, mentored scores of PhD students, and was honored with USC's highest teaching award. In 2004, Messner was recognized by Chico State as a Distinguished Alumni of the Year for the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. Amount of scholarship expected, $1,000.

Barbara Holland Peevers Memorial Scholarship

This is a need-based scholarship for students majoring in Sociology with a minimum Chico State GPA of 3.0 who will have completed at least 60 units by Fall 2021. Your essay for this scholarship should outline your academic goals and identify how winning the scholarship will help you. This award is based on a family investment fund, so the amount awarded will vary each year depending on the interest earned, but typically ranges from about $1000–1500.

Travis Williams Humanitarian Scholarship

This scholarship honors a student who has shown dedication to the betterment of society through community involvement locally or elsewhere. Applicants should have completed at least 60 units by Fall 2021, and have a minimum Chico State GPA of 2.0. This scholarship is not based on need. Essays for this scholarship should address the work you have done to improve the lives of others. One scholarship of $500 will be given.