Accreditation and Performance Data


The School of Education is accredited by state and national accrediting agencies.

Credential programs at CSU Chico are accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Programs are engaged in ongoing reporting, with a site visit at the end of each seven-year accreditation cycle. The result of the Spring 2015 site visit report was a unanimous recommendation of Accreditation.

In 2007, initial and advanced education programs at CSU Chico earned national accreditation from the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education. The most recent site visit for continual accreditation occurred in spring of 2015. The result of this site visit was the decision that accreditation is continued at the initial teacher preparation and advanced preparation levels.

CTC Accreditation Documents

CSU Chico CTC accreditation documents
NCATE Accredidation  Documents
CSU Chico NCATE accreditation documents

SOE by the Numbers

SOE by the Numbers

Data Sources

In SOE professional preparation programs, multiple forms of data are collected and analyzed to ensure that our graduates meet rigorous state and national standards. Data include:

  • Performance Assessment for California Teachers (PACT)
  • Standardized tests and licensing exams (such as the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment—RICA )
  • Evaluation of real-time lessons according to observation protocols and standards
  • Performance in program courses, which adhere to CA state program standards
  • Surveys of graduates upon program exit and at post-graduate, sponsored by the Center for Teacher Quality, California State University Office of the Chancellor  
  • Academic writing proficiency evaluations
  • Culminating activities, such as master’s degree theses and comprehensive examinations

Indicators of Success

  • In the Multiple (Elementary) and Single (Middle/High School) Credential Programs, 99% of candidates successfully pass PACT, the Performance Assessment for California Teachers.
  • In Multiple Subject (Elementary) Programs, the pass rate on the RICA (Reading Instruction Competence Assessment) is 5% higher among CSU Chico students than the average statewide, which confirms CSU Chico graduates’ readiness to teach reading and literacy.
  • In a survey of administrators who hire graduates from across the CSUs, Chico graduates outrank others by a 13% margin in their preparation to work with students with special needs in inclusive classrooms.
  • In a survey of administrators who hire graduates from across the CSUs, Graduates of the Single Subject (Middle/High School) Credential Program outrank others by a 14% margin in their preparation to teach content reading.
  • In the MA in Education Programs, based on a survey of 2015-2016 graduates, 100% of respondents felt well or very well prepared to engage in scholarly writing. Additionally, 100% of respondents felt well or very well prepared to evaluate how a community’s strengths and resources can be used to create change.
  • In the Educational Leadership Program, based on a survey of 2015-2016 graduates, 100% of graduate students agreed or strongly agreed that the program helped them to promote the success of all students at their schools through advocating, nurturing, and sustaining a school cultural conducive to student learning.

Candidate Performance Data

Title II Report

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