MA in Education Initial Writing Assessment

Information for International Students

Information and application process for international students applying to the MA in Education Degree.

Requirements for Applying for the MA in Education

  1. This graduate program is designed for credentialed or licensed K-12 teachers. It is recommended that you earn your teaching credential before you apply.
  2. You must have a GPA of 3.0 or better in the last 30 semester units attempted.
  3. You must have a GPA of 2.75 or better in the last 60 units attempted.
  4. An Initial Writing Assessment of your academic writing skills must be submitted.

There are three key steps in applying to Graduate Studies at CSU, Chico.

1. You must apply through to Graduate Studies at CSU, Chico.

There are over 25 MA degrees within Graduate Studies at CSU, Chico so you must also submit the required application materials requested for the specific MA degree.

Since the MA in Education is geared for credentialed teachers, these teachers have already taken at least 32 additional education units beyond the baccalaureate degree to become licensed to teach. Therefore, the application requirement for the MA in Education degree is an Initial Writing Assessment that allows the applicant to demonstrate academic writing in APA format, use of in-text citations, and alignment of references.

2.  Two letters of recommendations along with the School of Education Letter of Recommendation Access Waiver Form.   

3.  Complete all steps and submit the MA in Education Initial Writing Assessment

The California State University system requires graduate students to develop writing proficiency. As a condition of your acceptance, and in order for us to assist you in further development in writing, we require an original sample of your writing.

  1. Review the Rubric for the Initial Writing Assessment so you know the expectations that will be used in reviewing your academic writing skills.
  2. Include your name, MA in Education, and the specific option or pathway (Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Leadership & Administration, Residency in Secondary Education, Special Education emphasis, English learner focus) you are applying for at the top of your paper. 
  3. Select one of the listed education topics below and write a three-to-five-page paper, plus an additional page for references that addresses an issue, trend, or position. (The paper should not merely report on what the topic is.) The Rubric for the Initial Writing Assessment outlines how your academic writing will be assessed.
  4. You should have at least three different and appropriate references.
  5. The paper should be double-spaced.
  6. The paper should be a Word document.
  7. Use APA formatting. (American Psychological Association Manual, 6th Edition)
  8. Once you receive your Chico State campus ID from the Office of Graduate Studies, click here to submit your initial writing assessment to the School of Education's MA in Education program. Note: You need your Chico State campus ID to login. The Office of Graduate Studies will email you your Chico State campus ID about two weeks after you apply to beginning in November. 
  9. Your application for the MA in Education cannot be processed until the Initial Writing Assessment has been received and reviewed.


  • Common Core Standards
  • Purpose of Schooling
  • Changing US Demographics Impact on Education
  • Identity as Educational Leader
  • Co-Teaching Considerations and Issues
  • School Accountability
  • Interventions in General and Special Education 

Note: If your writing skills are not deemed strong enough, you may be denied and not accepted or you may be admitted to the program with conditional status. If you are admitted with conditional status, you will be required to take our credit/no credit one-unit writing course offered through the university's Regional Center for Continuing Education for an additional fee to help you improve your academic writing, citing, and referencing skills and move you from conditional status to classified status.


Dr. Ann Schulte
Graduate Coordinator
Tehama 441