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School of Education

Apply to the CLASS Program

Application Deadlines

  • February 15, 2021 - Single Subject Candidates
  • September 15, 2020 - Education Specialist Candidates

Enrollment Process

Step 1: Cal State Apply

Submit your Graduate Admissions Application through Cal State Apply. Choose the correct semester (for example, spring 2021), create an account, choose California State University, Chico & complete the 4 sections (personal information, academic history, supporting information & program materials - choose Educ: CLASS option).

Step 2: Apply to the Credential Program

Apply to the CSU, Chico School of Education through the online Credential Application. There are 15 sections that need to be completed & details are listed below for reference.

  • Credential Application: Sections to Complete
    1. Personal Information - Based on your Cal State Apply information

    2. Application Fee - $75 credential program application fee

    3. Subject Competency - Verification of passing the CSET Exam in your subject area OR an official waiver form signed by a subject matter advisor.

    4. Basic Skills - Verification of CBEST OR an approved alternative exam

    5. Academic Work - Undergraduate Degree

    6. Coursework - Prerequisites OR Approved Equivalencies 

    7. Resume - One copy of your professional resumeé

    8. References - 3 Professional References 

    9. Recommendation - Two confidential letters of recommendation

    10. Disposition Form - Completed Candidate Disposition Form

    11. Statements - School of Education Belief Statement and Experience Statement

    12. TB Clearance - Verification of tuberculosis clearance (test within the last 3 years)

    13. Cert of Clearance - Completed Request for Live Scan sheet for the Certificate of Clearance. Visit the Certificate of Clearance Information (PDF) site, (Fingerprint & background verification). 

    14. Submit

Step 3: Initial Writing Assessment

The School of Education also requires an Initial Writing Assessment as part of the application process - writing assignment due on CLASS application deadline via online STEPS portal.

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