Co-Teaching at CSU, Chico!

At CSU, Chico co-teaching is defined as two teachers (mentor teacher and credential candidate) working together with groups of students, sharing the planning, organization, delivery and assessment of instruction, as well as the physical space. Co-teaching in student teaching provides a rigorous yet supportive experience for teacher candidates, allows cooperating teachers to remain actively engaged in the classroom, and enhances the quality of learning for P-12 students.

Co-teaching affirms the possibilities that I used to only dream about. I used to image a classroom where I was truly able to meet the needs of all learners, while simultaneously generating a space for them to experience compassion, a sense of belonging, and transformation. Due to large class sizes, these were just experiences I used to dream about. Co-teaching has turned these dreams into a reality and made the impossible, possible!

~Co-teachers Annie Adamian and Rudy Chavez who co-teach Life Science at Bidwell Junior High School

Current School of Education credential candidates can click on the link below to log in to My SOE, which contains learning modules for the co-teaching strategies. 

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The compelling evidence is clear. Traditional student teaching is not conducive to maximizing educational benefits for our students. Co-teaching, however, has transformed the student teacher and teacher relationship. Instead of throwing a student teacher into the complexities of teaching without a lifeline, student teachers are coached as they practice the art of teaching. Teaching is rocket science, and co-teaching is the power source!

             ~Julie Espe, Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, St. Cloud Area School District, MN

Watch our mentor teachers reflect on their co-teaching experiences!

  Co-Teaching Reflections Video Link

The Six CSU, Chico Co-Teaching Strategies (video) 

                  •    One Teach, One Observe (video)
•    One Teach, One Assist (video)
•    Station Teaching (video
•    Parallel Teaching (video)
•    Alternative (Differentiated) Teaching (video)
•    Team Teaching (video)

View The Six CSU, Chico Co-Teaching Strategies cheatsheet here (pdf)