School of Education

Intern FAQs

Which School of Education pathways offer internships?

Internships are only available in the basic credential pathways: Multiple Subject, Single Subject, and Education Specialist. The following pathways do not allow internships: Bilingual, Concurrent, and RiSE.

Does Chico State find Intern positions for interested credential candidates?

No. Chico State will convey information about available positions when requested to do so by school districts, but it is the individual's responsibility to locate and secure a qualifying Intern position.

What is the process for obtaining an University Intern Credential?

The first step is to locate (usually via in new window)) an appropriate teaching position and complete the interview process. If the school offers a credential candidate a qualifying position, they will submit a formal Letter of Intent to Hire (PDF) to Chico State.

Once this letter, and the other documents required listed under Required Documents/Forms, are fully completed and submitted to the School of Education, we will review the documentation and recommend you for the credential, if eligible.

After we submit your recommendation to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, you will need to follow the instructions you receive to apply for the credential. Typically from the day the prospective intern applies it takes 10 business days to receive the University Intern Credential.

Just to be clear, which documents are required

We require an original Letter of Intent to Hire (PDF) on letterhead, an Internship Requirements checklist (PDF), a signed Local Support Teacher Information Form (PDF), a Request for Recommendation Form (PDF), and a processing fee payable to CSU, Chico for $25.00. There will be additional fees with the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) for $102.50 for the University Intern Credential.

The school district needs verification from Chico State that I'm eligible for an Intern Credential. Where do I get this verification?

Please contact to request a letter of eligibility for an Intern Credential.