School of Education

Bilingual Authorization Multiple Subject Program Course Sequence

Prerequisite Courses - Must be completed before beginning the credential program.
Apply to the credential program by March 1 to progress to credential courses the following fall. Grades earned for all prerequisites (except SPAN courses, LAST 110, HIST 235, and CHLX 358) must be C- or higher.


Prerequisite Courses
Course #DescriptionUnits
SPAN 201Third Semester Spanish4
SPAN 202Fourth Semester Spanish4
SPAN 301Grammar and Composition3
SPAN 303Advanced Oral Expression3
SPAN 332 or LAST 110Latin American Culture and Civilization
Introduction to Latin American Studies
HIST/CHLX 235 or
CHLX 358
Mexican American History
Latinx in Contemporary Society and Social Justice
BLMC 319Bilingual Teaching Competence: Language3
BLMC 399Independent Study (Spanish language competence exam)1
EDTE 255Introduction to Democratic Perspectives in K-12 Teaching (45-hour requirement) (or EDTE 265, Exploration of Teaching and Learning in Diverse K-12 Settings)3
EDTE 302Access and Equality in Education3
EDTE 570Establishing a Supportive Learning Environment in Bilingual and/or General Education Classrooms4
ENGL 471Intensive Theory and Practice of Second Language Acquisition3

Additional Courses

Highly recommend taking these courses before program, but can take concurrently with in-program courses. All required to finish the Credential Program. 

Additional Courses
Course #DescriptionUnits
CMST 131Speech Communication Fundamentals (or CMST 132 or equivalent)3
EDTE 450Health Education for Elementary School Teachers1
POLS 155American Government: National, State, Local (or equivalent or exam)3
PSYC 414Psychology of Teaching  3
SPED 343Overview of Special Education3

Credential Program Courses

Must be accepted into the credential program in order to take these courses. Subject matter competence and basic skills requirement must be verified before applying to the program. Program begins in the fall semester only.

Fall Semester Courses

Fall Semester Courses
Course #DescriptionUnits
EDTE 523ACurriculum Theory and Practice: Mathematics3
EDTE 523BCurriculum Theory and Practice: Science2
EDTE 672Teaching Reading/Language Arts in Bilingual/General Education4
EDTE 673Teaching English Learners: Literacy and Academic Success3
EDTE 575Field Experience in Bilingual and/or General Education Classrooms6
RDGL 540Reading Competence Practicum3
EDUC 501AAssessment of Teaching Performance Cycle 11
EDUC 503Assessment of Teaching Performance: Application3

Spring Semester Courses

Spring Semester Courses
Course #DescriptionUnits
EDTE 524BCurriculum Theory and Practice: Arts2
EDTE 676AInterdisciplinary Instruction in Bilingual and/or General Education Classrooms2
EDTE 676BAssessment in Bilingual and/or General Education K-12 Classroom3
EDTE 577Student Teaching in Bilingual and/or General Education Classrooms9
EDUC 503Assessment of Teaching Performance: Application3

If courses from another university are used to satisfy prerequisites or other course requirements, an equivalency form, course descriptions, syllabi, and transcripts must be provided.

Note: All courses listed on this course sequence, with the exception of the noted prerequisites, must be completed with a grade of C- or higher and with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in order to be recommended for a credential. Courses must be completed within seven years of applying for the credential.