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School of Education

Education Specialist Moderate/Severe Credential Program Course Sequence

For Interns - Education Specialist Moderate/Severe Credential Program Course (PDF)

Prerequisites Courses

Must be completed before beginning the credential program. Apply to the credential program by February 15 or September 15 to progress to credential courses the following semester. Grades earned for all prerequisites must be C- or higher.

Prerequisite Courses
EDTE 302Access and Equity in Education3
ENGL 471Intensive Theory and Practice of Second Language Acquisition3
EDTE 450 or 451Health Education for School Teachers1/3
PSYC 414Psychology of Teaching  3
CMST 131Speech Communication Fundamentals (or CMST 132 or exam)3
POLS 155American Government (or equivalent or exam)3
SPED 343Overview of Special Education3
SPED 569Field Experience: General and Special Education   2
SPED 564Management of Learning Environments3
SPED 580Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders3

Fall Semester Courses

Must be accepted into the credential program in order to take these courses. Subject matter competence and basic skills requirement must be verified before applying to the program. Program starts in the fall and spring semesters. 

First Semester Courses
EDTE 663Literacy Development & Assessment4
SPED 501Seminar for Field Experience1
SPED 560General & Special Education Methods for Teaching Mathematics2
SPED 637Curriculum and Instruction for Moderate/Severe Disabilities3
SPED 680Advanced Methods/Curriculum for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders  3
SPED 692Classroom Management for Individuals with Exceptional Needs3
SPED 525Teaching Practicum I6

Spring Semester Courses

Second Semester Courses
SPED 501Seminar for Field Experience1
SPED 520Assessment and Evaluation in General and Special Education  3
SPED 639Advanced Curriculum & Instruction: Moderate/Severe Disabilities  3
SPED 664Academic Literacy and Assistive Technology 3
SPED 691Collaboration and Laws in Special Education3
SPED 529Teaching Practicum II9

If courses from another university are used to satisfy prerequisites or other course requirements, an equivalency form, course descriptions, syllabi, and transcripts must be provided.