Education Specialist Candidates

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Why teach special education? How can the RiSE Program benefit you?

Please check out Resource Specialists David Teja & Susan Chrisco's testimonials at Chico High School.

RiSE Education Specialist Timeline
RiSE Program Program Plan (Education Specialist Mild/Mod)
RiSE Program Coursework (Education Specialist Mild/Mod)
RiSE Program Program Plan (Education Specialist Mod/Severe)
RiSE Program Coursework (Education Specialist Mod/Severe)
RiSE Education Specialist Handbook 2018-19

Fall Semester (prior to entering the program)

  • Submit RiSE application and complete interview
  • Complete program prerequisites, if required
  • Apply to graduate school

Spring Term

  • RiSE coursework begins 

Summer Term

  • RiSE coursework continues throughout June and July

August Workshop

  • Meet your Mentor Teacher and begin to plan for the school year
  • Attend a 3-5 day workshop with your Mentor to prepare for the residency

Fall Semester

  • Work Monday through Thursday in the residency classroom with your Mentor
  • Continue coursework on some evenings and some weekends
  • Participate in professional development and professional learning activities
  • Engage in site-based inquiry to develop a plan for your action research project
  • Complete instructional planning, instruction, and assessment components for PACT (Performance Assessment for California Teachers)

Winter Intersession

  • Complete and submit PACT response

Spring Semester

  • Continue with residency and coursework
  • Participate in professional development and professional learning activities
  • Implement action research and collect data
  • Complete professional paper and poster presentation
  • Attend School of Education Recognition Ceremony for Credential Candidates
  • Graduate with a Master’s Degree and a Teaching Credential