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The Rewards of Residency

CSU Rise - Special Ed 30 Sec 

Living Stipend

A grant from the United States Department of Education, Office of Innovation and Improvement makes it possible for California State University, Chico to provide a living stipend grant of $20,000 OR $25,000 to individuals who have been admitted to the RiSE Program.

Stipend recipients must successfully complete all requirements for the credential and master's degree, and fulfill three years of full-time teaching service in an approved high-need K-12 school, preferably one served by the LEA in the eligible partnership. Failure to satisfy these obligations will result in a requirement to repay all grant funds received.

Meet the RiSE Residents


RiSE Resident Testimonials

Roseanne Ayala: Cohort 2 Resident, 2017 RiSE Graduate

Haley Hansen: Cohort 2 Resident, 2017 RiSE Graduate

Principal Doug Williams & Assistant Principal Christi Tellechea: Oroville High School

Residency Success Stories

Residency Success Stories

Although they are different programs, you can learn a lot about the structure, professional development, and benefits of the RiSE Program by watching this video on the Rural Teacher Residency Program. The RTR Program was a similar grant funded program that already finished.

Residency Success Stories

Co-Teaching Strategies

To catch a glimpse on the different co-teaching strategies, check out this video.