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School of Education

Meet the RiSE Residents

Cohort 1: 2015-2016

Cohort 1 group photo

Featured (not in order pictured): Natalie Benthin, Tanner Bloom, Christa Georgeson, Hailey Maxfield-Kowalski, Jessica McCarty, Alexander Smith, Bettyjo Wright.

Cohort 2: 2016-2017

Cohort 2 group photo

Featured (not in order pictured): Roseanne Ayala, Emily Bladorn, Julia Bick, Charlene Brooks, Travis Chew, Jared Crowley, Hannah Dailey, Natalie DeRosa, Kendall Enns, Carlos Garcia, Haley Hansen, Hayley Holloman, Karanda Hyatt, Dana Ludington, Lucas Marshall, Sara Murphy, Abigail Ott, Ryan Rogowski, Austin Roughton, Kristin Schroer, William Smithey, Casey Van Attenhoven, David Van Buskirk, Jesse Zitrin.

Cohort 3: 2017-2018

Cohort 3 group photo

Featured (not in order pictured): Carlos Corona, Emily Corona, Krystina Sandoval Garcia, Tori Goff, Jania Johnson, Tina Kumar, Tiffany Leider, Matthew McCombs, David Ramirez, Kelly Reardon, Nicholle Schmidt, Megan Smith, Katelyn Sorenson, Kevin Svahn, Sarah Wohletz, Choua, Connor O' Kelley, Jesica McLain, and Tara West.

Cohort 4: 2018-2019

Cohort 4 group photo

Featured (not in order pictured): Alexander Alves, Daniel Caravez-Barajas, Lucero Cardiel, Jennifer Culver, Nancy Diaz, Kaitlyn Ehorn, Samuel Griffin, Dillon Johnson, Bonnie Leih, Julia Martinez, Ivy Mendez, Mayra Moreno, Danadevi Paz, Cecilia Romero, Kate Ruttenburg, Austin Shilts, Angela Spring, Jera Verboom, Tanner Bolin, Fiona Delforge, Emily Dunn, Amul Khan, and Kimberly Regnerus.

Featured Residents

Mayra Moreno

English: Mayra Moreno

Cohort 4, 2018-19 Residency: Corning High School, Corning USD, Tehama County

"For me the RiSE program was a dream come true! As a single parent, this opportunity permitted me to fully dedicate myself to a program that supported, encouraged, and helped me to develop the skills I need to be the best teacher that I can be, while instilling in me the notion that the best teachers never stop reflecting and growing. The emphasis of the RiSE program on promoting access to education for local underprivileged individuals is such a wonderful model for promoting equity. It is my hope that more such programs will follow to further foster community investment and create a pipeline to elevate local leadership among minority populations. This program changed my life for the better, and I am excited to give back everything I learned to the youth of our communities, so they too can feel empowered to be the best that they can be."

Daniel Caravez-Barajas

Math: Daniel Caravez-Barajas

Cohort 4, 2018-19 Residency: Corning High School, Corning USD, Tehama County

"I started looking into the RiSE program two years before it was time for me to submit an application. Within those two years, I learned a lot about the program. The more I learn about the program, the more I saw it being a fit for me and my future plans. One of my goals was to end up teaching in a high needs school. The RiSE program was going to give that opportunity, and the same time prepare me to be a highly qualified teacher to better serve students in that setting. When I entered the RiSE program, I knew it would be a difficult task; however, the support system that the RiSE program has provided and the community I with my peers has made the workload more manageable."

Bonnie Leih

Science: Bonnie Leih

Cohort 4, 2018-19 Residency: Oroville High School, Oroville USD, Butte County

"To be a part of the RiSE program is to be truly encompassed by a community of professors, mentor teachers, and fellow students who are all passionate about working together to develop as teaching professionals. This year has been a roller-coaster of highs, lows, and everything in between, but, through it all, this program has provided me with such an amazing support system. The cohort of incredible people traveling this journey with me have become a close-knit family, always there to cheer each other on or provide a shoulder to cry on when you're having one of those days. As I approach the end of my year as a student and look forward to my first year as a teacher, I feel that I have been given the best start possible for my teaching career. I am eager to get out there and start providing my students with a well-informed and innovative learning environment that supports them as much as the RiSE program has supported me."

Kimberly Regnerus

Special Education: Kimberly Regnerus

Cohort 4, 2018-19 Residency: Las Plumas High School, Oroville USD, Butte County

"I'm often asked if I would recommend the RiSE program. My answer is always an emphatic, "Yes, absolutely!" The obvious benefit of RiSE is the ability to obtain a Master's in Education and a teaching credential through an accelerated one-year program. However, the less obvious, but more meaningful feature of RiSE is the co-teaching model. As a RiSE resident, you experience your first year co-teaching in a rural, high-needs school under the direction of a master teacher. This model provides a tremendous amount of support, guidance, and what I like to call 'a built-in safety net.' This co-teaching residency model provided an opportunity for me to extend my own learning through real-life classroom experiences. Another important feature of RiSE is the support of a community of learners who have a passion for teaching. The cohort's relatively small size promotes the development of meaningful relationships and encourages an openness for collaboration in its residents that extends after graduation. The RiSE program has provided life-long friends who I can call-on throughout my teaching career and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of Cohort 4."