Meet the RiSE Residents

cohort 1

Cohort 1: 2015-2016

Featured (not in order pictured): Natalie Benthin, Tanner Bloom, Christa Georgeson, Hailey Maxfield-Kowalski, Jessica McCarty, Alexander Smith, Bettyjo Wright

cohort 2

Cohort 2: 2016-2017

Featured (not in order pictured): Roseanne Ayala, Emily Bladorn, Julia Bick, Charlene Brooks, Travis Chew, Jared Crowley, Hannah Dailey, Natalie DeRosa, Kendall Enns, Carlos Garcia, Haley Hansen, Hayley Holloman, Karanda Hyatt, Dana Ludington, Lucas Marshall, Sara Murphy, Abigail Ott, Ryan Rogowski, Austin Roughton, Kristin Schroer, William Smithey, Casey Van Attenhoven, David Van Buskirk, Jesse Zitrin

Cohort 3

Cohort 3: 2017-2018

Featured (not in order pictured): Carlos Corona, Emily Corona, Krystina Sandoval Garcia, Tori Goff, Jania Johnson, Tina Kumar, Tiffany Leider, Matthew McCombs, David Ramirez, Kelly Reardon, Nicholle Schmidt, Megan Smith, Katelyn Sorenson, Kevin Svahn, Sarah Wohletz, Choua, Connor O' Kelley, Jesica McLain, and Tara West.

Cohort 4

Cohort 4: 2018-2019

Featured (not in order pictured): Alexander Alves, Daniel Caravez-Barajas, Lucero Cardiel, Jennifer Culver, Nancy Diaz, Kaitlyn Ehorn, Samuel Griffin, Dillon Johnson, Bonnie Leih, Julia Martinez, Ivy Mendez, Mayra Moreno, Danadevi Paz, Cecilia Romero, Kate Ruttenburg, Austin Shilts, Angela Spring, Jera Verboom, Tanner Bolin, Fiona Delforge, Emily Dunn, Amul Khan, and Kimberly Regnerus.

Featured Residents

Tina Kumar

English: Tina Kumar

Cohort 3, 2017-2018 Corning High School, Corning USD, Tehama County

"In my opinion, community, support and developing personal and professional relationships with my fellow cohorts, mentor teachers, and faculty members are the essential core characteristics of the RiSE program. With an intensive workload that enables students to attain their Teaching Credential and Master's Degree within a year, my fellow cohorts and I have built close relationships and formed our unique community. A community where we can share our best and worst days of being a student-teacher and reflect how our collective experiences will help guide us become well-informed and enlightened educators. Additionally, my mentor teacher's guidance in lesson planning, her various teaching strategies, and the process of creating a classroom community will be forever helpful to me as a first-year teacher. Also, the tremendous support of my fellow cohorts has been and will be the most powerful force that has helped make RiSE an amazing experience. Cohort 3 Rocks!" 

Krystina Garcia-Sandoval, the featured math resident in RiSE

Math: Krystina Garcia-Sandoval

Cohort 3, 2017-2018 Corning High School, Corning USD, Tehama County

"RiSE appealed to me from the moment I first heard about it, and now, more than halfway through the program, I do not have the words to express how thankful I am to be a part of it. Although RiSE is not an easy program, there is a great deal of support built in both from the professors and the other residents. My favorite aspect about RiSE, however, is the integration of the co-teaching model. The RiSE directors believe strongly in this model and pair residents with mentor teachers that do as well. I have never felt like just an observer within my classroom placement and instead have been a part of everything including planning, teaching, grading and school professional development trainings. I am fortunate that both my mentor teachers take their role of mentor teacher very seriously and take the time to help me identify areas where I struggle and then work to help me improve. I have no doubt that RiSE is truly preparing me to be the best educator that I can be." 

Rise Resident Carlos Corona

Science: Carlos Corona

Cohort 3, 2017-2018 Residency: Corning High School, Corning USD, Tehama County

"RiSE fuses my passion for teaching and serving a rural community. Growing up in Arbuckle, CA, a town smaller than Corning, I am able to empathize with students on small town culture and challenges. RiSE has given me the tools and strategies necessary to address these challenges and support students as they pursue their personal and academic goals. In addition, my co-teacher fosters a positive and learning environment that allows me to explore the diversity of the Next Generation Science Standards. RiSE is truly preparing me as a future rural educator as I continue to understand the educational dynamics of a rural high school and future implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards."

Jesica Mclain

Special Education: Jesica McLain

Cohort 3, 2017-2018 Residency: Hamilton High School, Hamilton USD, Glenn County

"Being involved in Cohort 3 of the RiSE program has challenged me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. In this program, I have become a better first year teacher, while acquiring a masters degree in education and an education specialist credential, all at the same time. Although the workload has felt intense, I believe that I will come out stronger and better in my practice than ever. Teaching in rural Northern California has been fulfilling and engaging. Studying how to become a teacher through action research has also been an exhilarating attribute that has lit a passion in the entire cohort. The staff, professors, and mentor teachers, whom are apart of the program, are all a tremendous and valuable asset to us, and I am so thankful for their knowledge and willingness to help us grow into the best educators that we can be."