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Social Science

A myriad of opportunities!

The BA in Social Science is designed for students who have a broad interest in the behavioral and social sciences. It is an interdisciplinary program with a curriculum from the disciplines and programs of the College of the Behavioral and Social Sciences and the Department of History. The program has two options to best meet the needs of our students: multidisciplinary studies and specialization studies. Both options are available to distance education students who do not reside in Chico.

The multidisciplinary option is chosen by students desiring a general social science background. It contains coursework in Economics, History, Geography, Political Science, Anthropology, and Sociology. Some students plan to pursue a secondary (grades 6-12) teaching credential and select this option to prepare for the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) in Social Science, a subject matter competency requirement for secondary teacher preparation programs. 

The specialization studies option allows students to focus on two disciplines, or areas of concentration, offered by the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences and the Department of History. Many of our students plan to apply these concentrations in specialized fields such as social and vocational services. There are 21 areas of concentration from which to choose: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Anthropology, Asia, California Studies, Career and Life Planning, Child Development, Economics, Environmental Planning, Environmental Studies, Family Relations, Geography, Gerontology, Health and Human Services, Health Science, History, International Relations, Multicultural and Gender Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, and Sociology. 

The online Option in Specialization Studies is limited to a primary concentration in Sociology and a secondary concentration in Career and Life Planning.

Social Science graduates are in demand for a variety of professions. Graduates are employed in public education, career centers, human resource organizations, local government agencies, non-profit organizations, and the public sector.

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