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congrats sp22

Congratulations to the 2022 recipients of our Social Science and Special Programs Awards: 

Outstanding Social Science Student 2022                      Max Goolsby  

"I've worked full time at Oroville Union High School District for 10 years and I plan on becoming a high school teacher. I was also just accepted into a concurrent Masters degree and teaching credential program." - Goolsby 

Outstanding Social Science Student 2022                      Sania Kuriakos 

"I hope to use this degree, everything I have learned from this incredible department, my passion and natural instincts to help others achieve their career goals and pursuits." - Kuriakos 

Outstanding Social Science Student 2022                       Jackson Mehr 

"I chose the Social Science program because of its emphasis on understanding society and using that understanding to change things for the better. It is this same dedication to social improvement that I hope to take with me as an educator, because I feel it is important to expose future students to new and different ideas and realities." - Mehr 

Outstanding MA in Social Science Student 2022              Christina Hammans 

"I look forward to collaborating with local professionals, both on and off campus, while assisting our students in developing a wellness mindset and helping them discover the positive impacts that prioritizing their overall wellbeing will have on future outcomes." - Hammans 

And further distinction across campus for our Social Science students:

BSS Social Science Teaching Award 2022                    Breanna Dawson 

"Ultimately, my goal in life is to stay working within education and helping make a difference in our youths’ lives and helping mold the future generation(s) into kind people who make a positive impact on our world." - Dawson 

BSS Gerontology Award 2022                                   Charlize Golden (Public Health) 

"I currently work at a memory care facility and that has had a huge impact on what I want to do for my future career. I hope to one day become a Geriatrics Nurse, specifically for those who have Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or any mild cognitive impairment." - Golden 

A special mention of Social Science (Specialization Studies) major, Jai Dhillon.

Jai Dhillon, SOSC '22, directed "When the Smoke Clears"(opens in new window) a documentary film for ALVA: Advanced Laboratory for Visual Anthropology. A transfer student, embarking on his Junior year at Chico State, Jai found a welcomed opportunity in the freedom of the Social Science major. Because of diverse interests, he had taken a lot of different classes mostly in History and Anthropology, and by virtue of the interdisciplinary nature of the Social Science program, he was able to tailor his university experience. After graduation in the spring, he plans to move to India to pursue filmmaking.