Social Science and Special Programs

The Master's Program in Social Science

The MA in Social Science

The MA in Social Science is a flexible interdisciplinary program which allows students to tailor a program to their specific academic or career goals, drawing on curricula from departments in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, as well as history, and other university programs. While possibilities are varied, some examples include focusing on higher education administration, cultural and gender studies, and career development counseling. To learn more about the MA in Social Science program requirements click here(opens in new window).

Applying to the MA Program in Social Science

 The application to the Master’s Program in Social Science has the following steps:

  1. Complete the Cal State Apply Application online(opens in new window), pay the application fee, and submit unofficial transcripts.
  2. As part of the Cal State Apply application you will be asked to submit a Statement of Purpose. This statement should be 1-2 pages in length and should address the following: 1) the area of study in which you wish to specialize and why; 2) the disciplines within the Social Sciences that are relevant to your area of study; 3) the way in which the MA is Social Science will help you to achieve your career goals and future plans; 4) any special preparation relevant to your proposed area of study; and 5) any specific skills and background not mentioned above that prepares you to pursue a master’s degree.
  3. Provide two references that speak to your ability for graduate school in Social Science. It is recommended that one be an academic reference and one a work-related reference. You will list the names and contact information for your references as part of the Cal State Apply application and the people you list will be sent an email asking them to complete a reference for you.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Darin Haerle, MA SOSC Coordinator, at