Social Science and Special Programs


On-Campus Opportunities

Social Science students are eligible for the

  • Aurelia Haehn Memorial Scholarship
    • This scholarship was established by Dr. James O. Haehn, in memory of his mother Aurelia Haehn. Mrs. Haehn strongly believed in the value of education and the benefits of hard work. She did not have the opportunity to attend college herself but helping someone with financial need to attain his or her educational goal would have pleased her. The intent of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance, recognition, and incentive to a promising student majoring in social science. 
  • Alumni Scholarship
    • The Social Science Scholarship was established in 2016 by the Department with the generous support of Social Science alumni.  The scholarship will help ensure student success in the field of social science. To apply, fill out the general Scholarship application.
  • Gerontology Award (PDF)
    • The purpose of this Award is to foster the work of the California State University, Chico (CSUC) students in the advancement and promotion of gerontology education and training, and in turn serve to enhance the healthy outcomes of older adults in Northern California. The award provides for interdisciplinary education, fosters growth of professional competencies, and promotes inter-professional development in the field of aging.
  • Social Science Teaching Award (PDF)
    • The purpose of this Award is to support Social Science majors at California State University, Chico (CSUC), for the advancement and promotion of the multidisciplinary curriculum and training in the social sciences. The award recognizes the value of this interdisciplinary education, which fosters growth of professional competencies, and promotes recognition of the social sciences in public education for Californians.

All of these require an application in which you are asked to describe your plans, talents, or contributions to the campus.

For more information about these and other opportunities, please contact the Scholarship Office(opens in new window) to complete an online application.

Off-Campus Opportunities

Consider off-campus opportunities. Scholarships or awards are often offered by professional groups in order to support the budding careers of deserving students.

For information about other such opportunities, consult your favorite faculty member or the relevant student club.

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