David Reyes

Outstanding Spanish Student 2018-2019

David Reyes graduated in May 2019 with a Spanish major. He was this year’s Phi Sigma Iota president and last year he was the vice president. David has served the department of ILLC in many instances. He was the MC for several cultural events sponsored by the honor society. For 2 consecutive years, he has presented proposals to AS to secure grants for the publication of ME Multicultural Echoes literary magazine sponsored by PSI and he is a regular contributor and writer for the magazine. David has volunteered for the Language Fair for ILLC, Chico Preview Day and many other cultural events. He was the student ambassador for the 2018-2019 College of Humanities and Fine Arts. For all his volunteer work and commitment, as well as excellent grades, he was the recipient of the Taylor Bonora Leadership Award 2019, the Bix Whitcomb Study Award and the  National Phi Sigma Iota Scholarship for 2018. David received the Best Student Award from the Spanish Program in 2019. 

David Reyes outstanding student 2019