Student Records & Registration

Student Names

For current students, CSU, Chico maintains both the Legal and Preferred (if selected) name. If you are a current student, use the student information update form (PDF) to update your student information including name. 

Legal Name

CSU, Chico maintains and utilizes a student’s legal name as part of the student academic record and for state and federal reporting requirements.  Legal names (first, middle, last) can only be changed with proper documentation such as a state issued identification card or driver’s license; a passport; or a Social Security card. 

Preferred Name

CSU, Chico recognizes that some students may prefer to use a first and/or middle name other than their legal name to identify themselves.  As long as the use of the preferred name is not for the purposes of misrepresentation or does not contain inappropriate or offensive language, the University will use the preferred name where possible on certain University related records or documents.  If you would like to change your last name you will need to change your legal name (see Legal Name above). 

Will my preferred name appear on all CSU, Chico records?  Not all.  The preferred name currently appears on:

  • Faculty Class Rosters
  • Faculty Grade Rosters
  • Blackboard Learn Rosters
  • Wildcat Recreation Center
  • University Housing
  • WildCat Card ID (student must request once name change has been processed)
  • Student Health Service (both Legal and Preferred names on file)

If you elect to change your preferred name it might be necessary for you to show proof of your legal name in order to receive services on campus.  Once your name change is processed, notify your instructors of your name change to avoid grading discrepancies.  You will only need to do this if you are changing your name mid-semester.  

Your legal name will continue to be used where required, including payroll records, academic transcripts, and financial aid, as well as other pages within the student information system and reports utilized by campus.

Changing Your Display Name

You can control your display name through Account Center. This includes how your name is displayed in campus systems including Blackboard Learn, Google Apps, Exchange, and Portal. Please note that it can take up to 48 hours for display name changes to show up in these systems. Please do not submit more than one update.


For questions about changing your preferred name, please contact:

Michelle Holmes
Office of the Registrar
Student Services Center 110

Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Kendall Hall 109