Student Records & Registration

Registration Help

General Registration Information

Step-by-Step Registration Process - an overview of the registration process, step by step

Schedule Builder(opens in new window) - a schedule planning tool, allows students to bring multiple schedules side-by-side and compare options

Class Add and Drop Process - instructions on adding and dropping classes

Withdrawal Procedures - instructions on dropping all classes for a semester

Class Schedule - a full listing of all classes offered for a semester updated hourly. Real-time class information is available in the Student Center via the Portal.

Final Exam Schedule - Check with your instructor to verify the time and location of your final exam.

Important Dates and Deadlines - a selection of dates to reference

Academic Calendar - a more detailed listing of dates to reference

Registration in Portal

Portal - a link to log into or activate your Portal account. The Student Center via the Portal is the primary means of registration.

Portal Support - a link to assistance with access to your Portal account.

Adding and Waitlisting Classes Help Guide(opens in new window) - a guide to add and waitlist classes in the Student Center via the Portal

Drop or Swap Classes Help Guide(opens in new window) - a guide to dropping and swapping class in the Student Center via the Portal


Student Financial Services - information on registration fee and tuition amounts, due dates, and payment information

Financial Aid and Scholarships - information about types of and eligibility for financial assistance


Summer Orientation - information about new student advising and orientation

General Education Requirements(opens in new window) - tools and information about General Education Requirements