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Campus Bike and Board Safety

Chico State Copy Center’s Don Converse Is All About That Safety

For the last two years, Don Converse, Lead at the Copy Center in Meriam Library, has been a passionate proponent of the safety of pedestrians on our campus.  Citing many “close calls” for himself and his coworkers by skateboarders and bicyclists riding through the campus core or disregarding street traffic laws, Don began to take it upon himself to try and do something about it.  Don envisioned making a positive change and enlisted the support of Campus Police, Risk Management, and Staff Council to help the Bike & Board Safety Program take off for a “test drive”.  A positive and “sweet” test drive.

Don recruited the help of twelve staff and four students to begin distributing See’s Candies lollipops to students that were found to be exhibiting conscientiousness while biking or boarding around campus.  Ninety lollipops were distributed to students and each featured a small tag with positive statements such as “You Rock!” and “Way to be Radical!”  Don believes that by distributing the pops that it will increase positive behaviors in the students, as well as raise awareness to all the campus community about bike and boarding safety.  His goal for this year is to distribute two hundred lollipops to law abiding students, as well as get the word out that while UPD and Staff Council are watching for violators of campus safety rules, they really want to appreciate and reward those bikers and boarders who are following them.

If you would like to be involved with the Bike & Board Safety Program, or if you would like more information about it, please contact Don Converse.

Don Converse.