Staff Council

Staff Excellence Awards

The nomination period for the 2023 Staff Excellence Awards has closed.  The winners will be announced at the 2024 Staff Awards Luncheon on May 23, 2024.  

Any staff, faculty, or administrator on campus may nominate a State, Associated Students, University Foundation, or Chico State Enterprises staff member for these awards.  The nomination forms are linked below, and they include requirements and eligibility criteria specific to that award.

  • 2023 Employee of the Year - $2,500
  • 2023 Customer Service Award - $1,500
  • 2023 Wildcat Spirit Award - $1,500
  • 2023 Safety Award - $1,500
  • 2023 Making a Difference Award - $1,500
  • 2023 Outstanding MPP Award - $1,500
  • New - 2023 Emerging Leader Award - $1500

Announcing a new award starting in 2023 - the Emerging Leader Award.  This award recognizes staff for leadership and support of fellow staff members that goes above and beyond their assigned role.  A nominee might be someone others go to for guidance and help, or someone who demonstrates leadership on campus despite not being in a supervisorial position.  Please see the linked nomination form for further description and criteria. 

Contact Staff Council at or 530-898-5905 with any questions.

2022 Staff Excellence Award Winners

2022 Employee of the Year - Dianne Suschil(opens in new window)

dianne holding trophy

2022 Wildcat Spirit Award - Rosemary White(opens in new window)

rose holding trophy

2022 Staff Safety Award - Thomas DuSell(opens in new window)

Thomas holding trophy

2022 Making a Difference Award - Mary Bowman(opens in new window)

Mary holding trophy

2022 Outstanding MPP Award - Dawn Frank (opens in new window)

Dawn holding trophy

2022 Customer Service Award - Tami Henriksen(opens in new window)

tami with her nominating committee

 (photo of Tami Henriksen and nominating committee by Staff Council) 

2021 Staff Excellence Award Winners

kylee sharp and bethany pinegard standing with their trophies.   

omar diaz, ben duarte and pete austin stand with their trophies

Pictured from top, left to right, Kylee Sharp, Bethany Pinegar,
Pictured Bottom from left to right,Omar Diaz, Ben Duarte and Pete Austin

2021 Staff Employee of the Year

 ben duate standing with employee of the year trophy

2021 Wildcat Spirit Award 

 omar diaz standing with his trophy

2021 Customer Service Award

 bethany pinegar standing with her trophy

2021 Staff Safety Award

pete standing with his trophy

2021 Making a Difference Award

Kylee sharp standing with his trophy