Staff Council

Staff Council Area Ambassadors

Tami Adams photo
Tami Adams
Alumni & Parent Engagement
Area: Sierra Hall, Sierra Hall Annex, SAPP Hall
wildcat symbol
Jana Ahearn-McQueen
School of Education
Area: 25 Main St, 35 Main St. & Passages
Rebecca Belser photo
Rebecca Belser
College of Behavioral & Social Sciences
Area: Meriam Library
Margie Mitchell photo
Margie Keyawa-Boyd
Office of Academic Personnel
Area: Kendall Hall First Floor
Mary Brownell

Chemistry & Biochemistry
Area: Science Buidling 

Alison Christensen photo
Alison Christensen
Payroll Services
Area: Kendall Hall Second Floor
Laura Cox photo
Laura Cox
University Housing & Food Service
Area: University Housing & Food Service
Tiffany Drobny photo
Tiffany Drobny
Printing Services
Area: Continuing Education, Glenn Hall and Trinity Hall
Erin Forberg photo
Erin Forberg
Student Learning Center
Area: Student Services Center 3rd Floor (2 of 2)
Michael Gonsalves photo
Michael Gonsalves
College of Engineering, Computer Science and Construction Management
Area: Langdon, O'Connell, and WREC Center
Lisa James
Concrete Industry Management Program
Area: Langdon, O'Connell, and Wildcat Health Center
Julie Jessen
Chico State Enterprises
Area: 25 Main St., 35 Main St., and Passages
Vicky Junco photo
Vicky Junco

International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Dept.
Area: Arts & Humanities Building

Rena Marino
Liberal Studies Advising
Area: FMS Custodial (2 of 2)
Cindy McKay photo
Rana Marshall
First Year Experience & Chico Student Success Center
Area: Student Services Center 1st Floor
Jamie Nelson photo
Jaime Nelson
School of Social Work
Area: FMS, CYD: Maintenance, Grounds, Clerical, Boiler Chiller, and Warehouse
wildcat symbol
Amber Noel-Camacho
Tribal Relations
Area: Meriam Library
Tawnie Peterson photo
Tawnie Peterson
International Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Area: Performing Arts Center and Parking Structure II
Jen Ross photo
Jen Ross
Student Learning Center
Area: Student Services Center 3rd Floor (1 of 2)
Sandra Scholten photo
Sandra Scholten
Biological Sciences Department
Area: AJH, Modoc, Holt, Gateway Museum
Rachelle Sousa photo
Rachelle Sousa
School of Education
Area: Tehama Hall
Snow Sun
International Education
Area: Student Services Center 4th Floor
Erin Tarabini
Office of the Registrar
Area: Student Services Center, First Floor (2 of 2)
Kelsey Torres
AS Conference Services
Area: Bell Memorial Union (1 of 2 Positions)
Andrea Walters
Area: Acker Gym, Shummer Gym, Yolo Hall
Gary Walters
Facilities and Management Services
Area: FMS CYD: Mtce., Grounds, Clerical, B/C, and Warehouse (3 of 3 Positions)