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Staff Council

Staff Council Area Ambassadors

Tami Adams photo
Tami Adams
Alumni & Parent Engagement
Area: Sierra Hall, Sierra Hall Annex, SAPP Hall
Vicki Ambadekar head shot
Vicki Ambadekar
Advancement Services
Area: 25 Main St, 35 Main St. & Passages
Rebecca Belser photo
Rebecca Belser
College of Behavioral & Social Sciences
Area: Meriam Library
Ange Bledsoe photo
Ange Bledsoe

Creative Media & Technology
Area: Meriam Library

Margie Mitchell photo
Margie Keyawa-Boyd
Office of Academic Personnel
Area: Kendall Hall First Floor
Katherine Bruce photo
Katherine Bruce
Passages - Adult Resource Center
Area: 25 Main St., 35 Main St. and Passages
Alison Christensen photo
Alison Christensen
Payroll Services
Area: Kendall Hall Second Floor
Shawn Christopherson photo
Shawn Christopherson
Science Education
Area: FMS, CYD: Mtce, Grounds, Clerical, B/C Warehouse
Laura Cox photo
Laura Cox
University Housing & Food Service
Area: University Housing & Food Service
Nicole Davis photo
Nicole Davis
School of Social Work
Area: Butte Hall
Tiffany Drobny photo
Tiffany Drobny
Printing Services
Area: Continuing Education, Glenn Hall and Trinity Hall
Jerry Fieldsted photo
Jerry Fieldsted

Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

Area:  8 Meriam Library (1 of 3)

Erin Forberg photo
Erin Forberg
Student Learning Center
Area: Student Services Center 3rd Floor (2 of 2)
Michael Gonsalves photo
Michael Gonsalves
College of Engineering, Computer Science and Construction Management
Area: 25 Main St., 35 Main St. and Passages
Vicky Junco photo
Vicky Junco

International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Dept.
Area: Arts & Humanities Building

Shelley Keener photo
Shelley Keener

University Police Department
Area: FMS Custodial

Elaine Kramer photo
Elaine Kramer
AS Conference Services
Area: Bell Memorial Union
Heather Maderos photo
Heather Maderos
FMS Custodial
Area: FMS CYD: Mtce. Grounds, Clerical B/C, Warehouse
Mike Mandry
Facilities Management and Services
Area: FMS CYD: Mtce, Grounds, Clerical B/C Warehouse
Rena Marino
Liberal Studies Advising
Area: Langdon, O'Connell, and Wildcat Center
Cindy McKay photo
Cindy McKay
Office of International Education
Area: Student Services Center 4th Floor
Jennifer McKee photo
Jennifer McKee
Business Advising & Student Success
Area: University Housing & Food Service
Jackie McMillan photo
Jackie McMillan
Communication Sciences & Disorders Program
Area: Physical Science, Ayres Hall & Laxson
Jamie Nelson photo
Jaime Nelson

School of Social Work

Area: Student Services Center 1st Floor (5 of 6)

Tawnie Peterson photo
Tawnie Peterson
International Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Area: Performing Arts Center and Parking Structure II
Megan Rawie photo
Megan Rawie

College of Engineering, Computer Sci, and Construction Mgmt.

Area 18 Student Services Center (2 of 6)

Jen Ross photo
Jen Ross
Student Learning Center
Area: Student Services Center 3rd Floor (1 of 2)
Sandra Scholten photo
Sandra Scholten
Biological Sciences Department
Area: AJH, Modoc, Holt, Gateway Museum
Stacey Shadoan photo
Stacey Shadoan
Journalism & Public Relations
Area: Bell Memorial Union
Katie Sibley photo
Katie Sibley
Facilities Management and Services
Area: FMS Custodial
Brian Smith

Financial Aid
Area: Student Services Center 2nd Floor

Rachelle Sousa photo
Rachelle Sousa
School of Education
Area: Tehama Hall
Erin Tarabini
Office of the Registrar
Area: Plumas Hall, ATRC/University Farm
Andrea Walters
Area: Acker Gym, Shummer Gym, Yolo Hall and Brice Ave.