Staff Development


Join us for instructor-led training, offered in a variety of modalities: in-person on campus, Zoom and hi-flex. Additional On-Demand e-courses can be found in the Course Catalog.

March 2023

Monthly course listing
03/02/20234:00PM-5:00PMCCC (PDF): Breath & Health
03/07/20231:00PM-3:00PMAvoiding Bias in Hiring
03/07/202311:00AM-12:00PMCCC (PDF): Personal Branding-Building your Professional Presence*
03/07/20231:00PM-2:30PMCCC (PDF): S.M.A.R.T Goals* 
03/08/20231:30-3:00PMCCC (PDF): The Five Elements of Wellbeing
03/09/202311:00AM-12:00PMCCC (PDF): Ten Steps to Financial Success
03/14/202311:00AM-12:00PMCCC (PDF): Preparing Emotionally to Transition to Retirement
03/15/20239:00AM-12:00PMCCC (PDF): Critical and Strategic Problem Solving
03/15/202310:00AM-11:00AMCCC (PDF): Onboarding and Offboarding Employees-Keys to Continuity
03/16/202310:00AM-11:30AMCCC (PDF): Positive Psychology
03/16/20231:00PM-2:30PMConcur(CTE) General Overview
03/21/20239:00AM-10:30AMCCC (PDF): Exposing Hidden Bias*
03/23/20231:00PM-3:00PMCCC (PDF): Avoiding Bias in Hiring(CSU Wide)
03/22/202311:00AM-12:00PMFee Waiver Overview
03/23/20238:30AM-10:00AMNew Employee Orientation by invite only
03/28/202310:00AM-11:00AMCGT: (PDF) Surprising Science of High-Performing Teams
03/29/202310:00AM-11:00AMCCC (PDF): How to Get Your Child to College

April 2023 

Monthly course listing
04/04/202310:30AM-12:00PMCCC (PDF): Train the Trainer (Session 1 of 4)-registration opens 3/27
04/04/20232:00AM-3:00PMCCC (PDF): Emerging Allies Networking & Connecting Session-registration opens 3/27
04/06/20232:00PM-4:00PMCCC (PDF): Change RHYTHM-registration opens 3/27
04/06/20239:00AM-11:00AMCCC (PDF): A Fearless Campus-registration opens 3/27
04/07/202311:00AM-12:00PMCCC (PDF): Personal Branding-Building you Professional Presence*-registration opens 3/27
04/07/20232:00PM-3:00PMCalPERS Planning Your Retirement
04/11/202310:30AM-12:00PMCCC (PDF): Train the Trainer (Session 2 of 4)-registration opens 3/27
04/11/202311:30AM-12:30PMCCC (PDF): Providing Development Evaluation*-registration opens 3/27
04/12/20231:30PM-3:00PMCCC (PDF): Exposing Hidden Bias*-registration opens 3/27
04/14/20231:00PM-2:00PMCCC (PDF): Success as 1st Gen Professional-registration opens 3/27
04/17/202311:00AM-2:00PMCCC (PDF): Marketing 101- Fundamentals for the Non-Marketing Professional in Higher Ed-registration opens 3/27
04/18/20239:30AM-11:30AMMPP & Chair: Valuing and Evaluating Staff
04/18/202310:00AM-11:00AMCCC (PDF): Navigating the Audit Trail-registration opens 3/27
04/18/202310:30AM-12:00PMCCC (PDF): Train the Trainer (Session 3 of 4)-registration opens 3/27
04/19/20231:00PM-3:00PMAvoiding Bias in Hiring
04/20/20231:00PM-2:30PMConcur(CTE) General Overview
04/20/20232:00PM-3:30PMCCC (PDF): Positive Psychology-registration opens 3/27
04/21/202310:00AM-11:00AMCCC (PDF): Zoom-We're Not All Experts-registration opens 3/27
04/25/202310:00AM-11:00AMCGT: (PDF) How to Achieve Peak Productivity through Self-care
04/25/202310:30AM-12:00PMCCC (PDF): Train the Trainer (Session 4 of 4)-registration opens 3/27
04/25/20231:30PM-2:30PMCCC (PDF): Sustainable U-Practical Tips to Support Your Campus (and Personal) Sustainability Goals-registration opens 3/27
04/26/202311:00AM-12:00PMCCC (PDF): Creating a Healthy Mind: Addressing Burnout-registration opens 3/27
04/27/20238:30AM-10:00AM New Staff & Manager Orientation by invite only
04/27/20239:00AM-10:30AMCCC (PDF): Self-Coaching 101*-registration opens 3/27
04/27/20233:30PM-4:30PMCCC (PDF): Resume 101-registration opens 3/27

May 2023

Monthly course listing

CCC (PDF): Excel Tips and Tricks-registration opens 4/24


CCC (PDF): How Every CSU Employee Can Become a Customer Advocate-registration opens 4/24


CCC (PDF): Personal Branding for Career Success-registration opens 4/24


CCC (PDF): The Five Elements of Wellbeing-registration opens 4/24


CCC (PDF): Personal Branding-Building you Professional Presence*-registration opens 4/24


CCC (PDF): Professional Troublemaker-registration opens 4/24


CCC (PDF): A Fearless Campus-registration opens 4/24


CalPERS Planning Your Retirement


CCC (PDF): Positive Psychology-registration opens 4/24


Avoiding Bias in Hiring

05/23/202310:00AM-11:00AMCGT: (PDF) Secret to Getting Along-3 Steps to Creating Better Teams-registration opens 4/24
05/24/20231:30PM-3:00PMCCC (PDF): Exposing Hidden Bias*-registration opens 4/24
05/25/20238:30AM-10:00AMNew Staff & Manager Orientation by invite only
05/25/20231:00PM-2:30PMConcur(CTE) General Overview
05/26/202311:00AM-12:30PMCCC (PDF): Upward Bullying-Navigating Abusive Behaviors by People with Less Authority-registration opens 4/24
05/31/202311:00AM-12:00PMCCC (PDF): Emerging Allies Networking and Connecting Session-registration opens 4/24