Staff Development


More Spring 2024 trainings to come!

Join us for instructor-led training, offered in a variety of modalities: in-person on campus and Zoom. Additional On-Demand e-courses can be found in the Course Catalog.

December 2023

Monthly course listing
12/04/20232:00PM-3:00PMCCC: Building Trust in the Workplace*
12/05/202311:00AM-12:00PMCCC: Cultural Competence and Humility
12/05/202311:30AM-12:30PMCCC: Sustainable Living: Holiday Edition
12/06/202310:00AM-10:45AMCCC: Navigating Challenging Conversations*
12/06/202311:00AM-12:00PMCCC: Atomic Habits: Becoming the Architect of Your Life
12/7/20231:30PM-3:00PMCCC: The Lifelong Learner: Developing Your Intellectual Curiosity
12/08/202310:00AM-11:30AMCCC: Fueling for Success
12/12/202310:00AM-12:00PMCCC: So, What’s Your Story? A New Approach to Elevate Your Personal Brand
12/13/202310:00AM-11:30AMCCC: How Every CSU Employee Can Become a Customer Advocate
12/13/202310:00AM-12:00PMAvoiding Bias in Hiring
12/14/20238:30AM-10:00AMNew Staff & Manager Orientation by invite only

January 2024 

Monthly course listing
Monthly course listing
01/16/202410:00AM-11:00AMCGT: Magic Words: What to Say to Get Your Way
01/18/20241:00PM-2:30PM Concur(CTE) General Overview
01/25/20248:30AM-10:30AMNew Staff & Manager Orientation by invite only

February 2024

Monthly course listing
02/13/202410:00AM-11:00AMCGT: AI Tools, Ethics & Challenges: How I Leverage Technology to Boost Productivity
02/15/20241:00PM-2:30PMConcur(CTE) General Overview
02/22/20248:30AM-10:30AMNew Staff & Manager Orientation by invite only

March 2024

Monthly course listing
03/13/202410:00AM-11:00AMCGT: Teamwork Across Generations: Navigating the Communication Divides in the Modern Workplace
03/21/20241:00PM-2:30PMConcur(CTE) General Overview
03/28/20248:30AM-10:30AMNew Employee Orientation by invite only

April 2024

Monthly course listing
04/16/202410:00AM-11:00AMCGT: Relationship Intelligence: How Relationships Really Work and Why Your Future Depends on Your RQ
04/18/20241:00PM-2:30PMConcur(CTE) General Overview
04/25/20248:30AM-10:30AM New Staff & Manager Orientation by invite only

May 2024

Monthly course listing
05/14/202410:00AM-11:00AMCGT: Society, Strategy, Self: Your Impact on the Future of Work
05/16/20241:00PM-2:30PMConcur(CTE) General Overview
05/23/20248:30AM-10:30AMNew Staff & Manager Orientation by invite only