Staff Development

CSU Competencies

Core Competencies


Promotes the engagement, development, and equitable treatment of all staff; demonstrates awareness of and respect for individual differences; supports, through action and example, equal treatment and opportunity for all; actively engages the rich background and diverse talents of staff to propel the organization forward; speaks out against words or actions that are insensitive or inconsistent with the organization's mission and values.


Acts professionally and calmly when interacting with others; treats all with dignity, respect, and fairness; honors commitments to others; models and maintains high ethical standards; is responsive to other staff; earns trust through consistent alignment of words and actions


Communicates effectively with all audiences, both verbally and in writing; actively listens to others and incorporates new knowledge or perspectives into thinking; ensures that others have access to the information needed to work effectively; encourages open exchange of ideas and different points of view; communicates the truth with empathy, even when it is challenging or uncomfortable; solicits and values honest input.


Plans and prioritizes work to meet deadlines and outcomes; provides clear direction and delegates as needed; clearly communicates roles, expectations, and timelines; monitors work to ensure goals and deadlines are consistently met; executes work to quality standards.

Leadership Competencies


Develops priorities for areas of responsibility, formulating and implementing effective strategies that are aligned with the organization's mission, values, and priorities; demonstrates a personal commitment to student success and the organization as a whole.

Strategic Thinking and Alignment

Understands market, industry, and environmental trends; addresses issues to create or sustain competitive advantage; uncovers new opportunities to create value and leverage the organization's strengths; anticipates change and develops long-term plans.

Team Building

Creates a work environment where people feel cared for and valued; fosters collaboration and team effectiveness; works cooperatively and effectively with others to achieve common goals; participates in building a group identity characterized by pride, trust, and commitment.

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