Student Transition And Retention Center


Join us for FaculTEA, a student-led program focusing on student and faculty engagement. This semester, we are hoping to engage students and faculty with each other through music to help build a bridge and make connections on campus. The program will be a guided question conversation centered around music.

Join us for FaculTEA October 7th and October 21st from 1PM – 2PM in Trinity Commons Free Speech Area! 

FaculTEA- Thursday October 7th
Meet Professor Tracy Butts, Dean of the College of Humanities & Fine Arts!
FaculTEA- Thursday October 21st

Stay tuned!

Are you a faculty member interested in joining the STAR Center FaculTEA program? Sign up below!

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This program is a guided-question conversation, set to the background of a playlist of your choice. Share your journey, advice, and your personality through music.