Strategic Planning

Enduring Commitments

Strategic Planning Matrix

Enduring commitments are the time-honored promises we make to students and each other. They are the building blocks for a high-quality college education. They are essential ingredients to student success. Yes, we have always embraced them, and with the launch of our new strategic plan we promise to do them better than we have ever done before. 

Our Enduring Commitments are:

  • Academic Distinction
  • Transformative Student Experience
  • Prominent Scholarship and Innovation
  • Culture of Excellence and Accountability

Academic Distinction

Provide high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs through innovative pedagogy, experiential learning, and leading-edge scholarship.

  • Foster student success and educational equity through inclusive pedagogical approaches, high-impact practices, and the intelligent use of data
  • Deliver interdisciplinary experiences that prepare students for success in the global economy and develop the collaborative and critical thinking skills to solve the challenges of the future
  • Assess, restructure, and develop academic programs that are especially innovative and include student-engaged scholarship that challenges the boundaries of knowledge
  • Invest in faculty and staff growth to develop renowned programming that elevates our academic reputation

Transformative Student Experience

Enrich student well-being and drive intellectual curiosity and engagement through caring and empowering relationships and co-curricular experiences.

  • Engage students in collaborative curricular and co-curricular educational experiences that empower them to be successful in their careers, personal lives, and communities
  • Coordinate and continually improve academic and support services that maximize comprehensive student well-being
  • Increase opportunities and reduce barriers to graduation so students complete their degrees in a timely manner
  • Develop compassionate and committed citizens with local, national, and global awareness and competency
  • Advance opportunities for Student and Academic Affairs to collaborate on mutually beneficial outcomes for students

Prominent Scholarship and Innovation

Enhance and increase distinctive research and creative endeavors.

  • Be a premier university where faculty and staff are recognized as regional, national, and global leaders in their fields
  • Leverage curiosity toward scholarly activity to drive student engagement, retention, and success
  • Encourage and support faculty to advance knowledge in their fields and integrate that scholarship into their teaching
  • Integrate and embed new and innovative technologies throughout the institution in support of high quality learning environments, effective processes, and excellent service
  • Increase research, grant, and contract activities among our faculty, staff, and students 

Culture of Excellence and Accountability

Improve academic, operational, and financial processes to ensure wise stewardship and enduring use of all resources to sustain as one University.

  • Ensure that academic priorities and student success guide our plans, policies, and processes
  • Implement strategic enrollment management practices that prioritize and balance institutional goals
  • Continuously improve institutional effectiveness and student outcomes through process improvement and data driven assessment of programs, systems, and initiatives that are innovative and transformative
  • Foster an entrepreneurial environment among faculty, staff, and students to enhance campus opportunities and reputation
  • Promote collaboration and shared governance while developing an informed community through transparent and broad communication
  • Commit to a consistent Chico State identity message through the development of a cohesive positioning framework, which aligns and expresses the University’s distinctive qualities and attributes
  • Promote a culture of wellness where students, faculty, and staff work in and benefit from a safe and healthy university community
  • Hold ourselves to high standards of professional behavior, ethics, and accountability
  • Foster a culture of philanthropy and execute bold advancement initiatives to diversify and expand University revenue sources