Strategic Planning

Strategic Priorities

Our Strategic Priorities flame

Enduring commitments power the mission of the University, and they fuel students’ drive for success. The new strategic priorities are grounded in our four enduring commitments. And, these strategic priorities will provide the University with focus as we aspire to achieve our new vision statement. To be sure that our campus focus remains acute, to keep us from distraction, three strategic priorities will direct us going forward. 

All of Chico State’s priorities are predicated on the primacy of student success enabled by excellence of faculty and staff as well as communication, technology, and philanthropy.

Our Strategic Priorities are: 

  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Civic & Global Engagement
  • Resilient & Sustainable Systems

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Cultivate and nurture a welcoming and inclusive campus where students, faculty, and staff have an equitable opportunity to thrive.

  • Recognize that historically underserved students have not had equal access or opportunity for educational success
  • Maximize the recruitment, retention, support, and graduation of diverse students
  • Eliminate achievement gaps by providing excellence in education and support to all students
  • Promote hiring and retention that contributes to a diverse and inclusive community that reflects student demographics
  • Develop and enhance policies, programs, and activities that support an inclusive, accessible, and equitable learning and working environment
  • Honor the distinct values, beliefs, identities, and cultures of our students, faculty, staff, and community
  • Address real-world issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion through interdisciplinary and international experiences
  • Cultivate an environment that embraces diversity of thought, freedom of expression, and respect for others

Civic & Global Engagement

Build stronger and more vibrant communities by connecting the University and community in mutually beneficial ways to effect meaningful change in the world around us.

  • Emphasize University-community partnerships that are collaborative, participatory, empowering, systemic, and transformative
  • Engage students, faculty, staff, and community members through experiential learning and internship opportunities with the communities of the North State and beyond
  • Create an environment committed to the active pursuit of global engagement, service, social justice, and connectedness
  • Instill a culture of philanthropy and social engagement
  • Broaden opportunities for civic and global engagement in our academic programs

Resilient & Sustainable Systems

Advance environmental, social, and economic sustainability; striving toward a just and resilient future. 

  • Work to be climate neutral by 2030
  • Cultivate knowledge, research, and practice to increase awareness that our individual and collective actions have impact regionally, nationally, and globally
  • Be wise stewards of resources and embrace sustainability and resilience as a way of living
  • Integrate sustainability and resilience into  curriculum, research, and campus operations to better serve students and meet the needs of society
  • Recover and adapt to significant difficulties or challenges and recognize our responsibility to forge resiliency in the communities we serve