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Welcome Home!

Most students tell us that the hardest part of the Study Abroad process in coming home! The deeper and more meaningful the experience you had abroad, the more challenging the re-entry process will be. Not to worry – just like “culture shock,” the growing pains of Re-entry Shock are short-lived and a normal part of the process.

The best way to prepare yourself for re-entry to the U.S. is to inform yourself about the process! Please see the Re-Entry Shock link for helpful information and articles. And don’t forget – Team Study Abroad is here for you! We’ve all been there, and we have plenty of tissue in our office if ever you’re in need for some genuine empathy. Lean on us.

A wonderful way to incorporate your international adventure into your life back in the U.S. is to get involved in the international academic community at CSU, Chico or to work, intern or volunteer in the Study Abroad Office. There are also many opportunities for you to go abroad again now that you have some experience under your belt.  This can be as simple as going on another exchange program or you can try to find a way to work or volunteer abroad.

And lastly, you can use your experience studying abroad to market yourself for a  future career. We have partnered up with the Career Center to help you with this. See Using Your Abroad Experience* to find out ways to use your experience on your resume and cover letter.

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