Study Abroad & Exchange

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

Partnering to enable a significant intercultural experience and skill development within a course

IEGE is working closely with CSU, Chico faculty in developing COIL module collaborations with international teaching partners. For more information on Collaborative Online International Learning, please contact the program coordinator, Sara Trechter, at

What does a COIL module include?

  • Professors collaborating internationally to design a cultural/academic exchange experience within a class
  • Students partnering to complete the activities designed
  • Any format (online, hybrid, face-to-face) or technology tools that serve the learning goals
  • Any discipline or interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Active student learning and teamwork
  • Cross-cultural interactions and understanding
  • Typically, 4-8 weeks of interaction
  • Graded activity in each participating class



Collaborative Online International Learning Faculty & Student Panel