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Study Abroad & Exchange

Major/Minor Crosshatch

For a quick reference on which countries offer certain majors/minors, please use the Study Abroad Crosshatch (PDF).  This form was created as a quick research guide for students interested in traveling to specific countries abroad or researching specific areas of study. Please click on the link for a complete list of our programs:

When looking through this crosshatch please remember that if you do not see your major or minor listed, your major would then fall under the category of "Full Curriculum Studies" at the top.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Visit the websites of each University listed under this category to determine if your major is on offer.  Remember that your major may have a different name at the host institution, and finding course descriptions may prove challenging due to our unfamiliarity with the host university's website.  Our Peer Advisors are prepared to assist you in this-- All you need to do is ask!

Visit each individual program website and/or see the brochures in our office for more information. Remember our Peer Advisors are always available to answer your questions as well, just come by our office, SSC 440.