University Communicators Guide

Graphic Standards for Web

The campus web environment is the single largest marketing tool for the University. It has millions of visits each year and serves an incredibly diverse audience while being maintained by hundreds of decentralized communicators. Adherence to Graphic Standards for Web is essential to create a unified experience for users throughout their time with Chico State, creating a seamless experience and leveraging the trust our audience has in the University brand.

These standards are built into the Cascade web content management framework provided to all departments doing official university business. So if you have a site provided by Web Services, you don't have to think about graphic standards at all!

For on-campus developers, communicators, and designers creating websites or web apps outside the domain or those of you working with third-party vendors, these graphic standards will help your pages look like part of the university family.


Source Sans Pro, a free font offered by Google, is the standard font for all university web pages. It can be used in the following variations:

h1 Heading Level 1

h2 Heading Level 2

h3 Heading Level 3

h4 Heading Level 4

h5 Heading Level 5
h6 Heading Level 6

Paragraph Bold

Paragraph Bold Italic

Paragraph Italic


More Styles

The CSU, Chico Web Signature

The CSU, Chico web signature is a digital identity of the University. Its use is restricted to official university websites, web applications, and approved vendor sites only. It should not be combined with other logos, elements, or typefaces.

Web Color Palette

Web Color Pallete
Tradition: HTML #960000 Acorn: HTML #B25215
Excellence: HTML #540303Harvest: HTML #89360F
Pathway: HTML #433F34Legacy: HTML #102E52
Creekbed: HTML #6F695ESkyline: HTML #BFDBF6
Bidwell: HTML #DDD7C9Cascade: HTML #EAF3FC
 Almond: HTML #EFECE5

Non-Cascade and Vendor Sites

All University-related websites and web applications—including faculty websites, non-Cascade sites, and vendor sites—are subject to the same legal requirements for accessibility and security. They are also expected to adhere to University brand standards.

Contact Web Services through our Other Website Services ticket for more information or to obtain CSS files for official university web applications or non-WCMS and vendor websites.

See the Campus Web Site-Maintainers Agreement for more information about website owners' responsibility for content and branding.

Avoid Advertising

It is acceptable to name a corporate partner or event sponsor. Partner and sponsor logos must be displayed smaller than the University logo on the site.