Sustainability at Chico State

Green Campus

green campus logoChico State's Green Campus works under the direction and advisement of the Campus Sustainability Manager and in collaboration with all campus partners to further our sustainability goals and commitments of working toward climate neutrality by 2030. Green Campus leaders and interns are key catalysts in building a campus community and culture of sustainability through research, peer education, and program and project development and implementation.

Green Campus interns work under the direction of one of three project coordinators where they gain real world experience in being a sustainability change agent and an opportunity to put creative solutions to work. Interns will work with stakeholders from across the campus to advance our goals.

Student Learning Objectives:
  • Become familiarized with sustainability efforts on campus, including ancillary units, and in broader Chico community
  • Become engaged in a solutions oriented approach to climate neutrality 
  • Use and think critically about current research when implementing solutions and creating outreach materials
  • Practice organizing and implementing a project, activity or educational campaign from start to finish
  • Develop productive relationships with peers, faculty, staff, and community members
  • Develop leadership, written communication, and public speaking skills

ecoreps logo Chico State EcoReps are peer educators that model environmentally responsible behaviors and promote sustainability through education and outreach to fellow residents. EcoReps focus on first year and on campus students to instill a sustainability mindset early in students’ academic careers, supporting sustainability focused programs, activities and events for their communities.  

Our EcoReps are helping our campus residents understand the simple things they can do in their lives to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. 

The Green Book: A Student's Guide to Sustainability at Chico State (PDF)

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Green Machine

green machine logo In May 2011, Chico State adopted its Climate Action Plan (PDF) (CAP) to achieve climate neutrality by the year 2030. The Green Machine Program (formally the Alternative Transportation Group) was established as a collaborative effort to support the CAP by promoting and encouraging alternative transportation.  

Alternative transportation can take many forms and is ultimately anything but single occupancy vehicles.  Bikes, skateboards, walking, carpooling, and public transit are all excellent and easily accessible forms of alternative transportation.

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SCOOP logo Sustainable Consultants of Office Practices (SCOOP) is designed to assess sustainability practices in an office setting. Through assessment, SCOOP formulates recommendations for improvements to achievable sustainable office goals. Members are trained to integrate the policies of the SCOOP handbook into the workplace, inevitably creating long term relationships with faculty and staff. SCOOP’s goal is to create effective and lasting partnerships among the students, faculty and Green Campus collaborative that lead to campus wide sustainable, forward-moving solutions.

SCOOP is a vehicle to bring sustainable awareness to the everyday lives of our campus faculty and staff.  The program members grow a strong sense of leadership in the environmental movement on campus, create long term change at Chico State, and leave with skills they can take into any future career path.

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