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Alternative Transportation Group (ATG)

In May 2011, The Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) adopted its Climate Action Plan (CAP) to achieve climate neutrality by the year 2030. The Alternative Transportation Group (ATG) was established that fall as a collaborative effort between the ISD, AS Sustainability, and the University Police Department’s Transportation and Parking Services to ultimately support the CAP by supporting Campus Transportation Advisory Committee and ISD initiatives related to transportation.

During ATG’s first year its efforts were focused on the outreach of alternative modes of transportation. The group held two Bicycle Advocacy Forums (one per semester), and conducted preliminary work on a time-lapse photo bike survey. By spring 2012 the group had developed strategic relationships with community bicycle advocacy organizations including Chico Velo, Butte Bicycle Coalition, and the City of Chico’s Bicycle Advisory Committee. ATG also partnered with local government agencies working on regional transportation including the City of Chico and Butte County Association of Governments (BCAG).

The mission of the ATG is to focus on education and outreach to the campus community about alternative forms of transportation, as well as research and reporting to support the campus’ alternative transportation objectives and related projects being run or supported by the ISD and the Campus Transportation Advisory Committee. The group actively works to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips to and from campus by implementing and supporting alternative means of transportation. These may include walking, biking & skateboarding, carpooling, car sharing, public transit, and others. To facilitate changes in transportation, the ATG organizes campus outreach programs which consist of: tabling, forums, research and reporting, and outreach via educational materials. The ATG also aims to develop and maintain strategic partnerships with important groups, such as Zipcar, Zimride, City of Chico, and BCAG, among others. 

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