Institute for Sustainable Development

We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”

Aldo Leopold
A Sand County Almanac


Our Sustainable Future - CSU, Chico

Communication and Technology

Technology continues to change and develop through time. Information technology is essential to connect people across campus and with the outside world. California State University, Chico has an opportunity to reduce pollution and divert waste through our conscientious use of communication equipment. From university concerts to library resources, Chico State has made a commitment to integrating sustainability into communication services.

Meriam Library

The Meriam Library provides hard copy and electronic access to a wide range of resources supporting sustainability. Articles, databases, books, reference tools and websites are organized under Environmental Studies Resources within the Research Station. Full text electronic access to thousands of periodical articles and conference proceedings is available through articles and databases. Catalogs listing books located in the library and available through interlibrary loan from all CSU and UC libraries are included. Reference tools are located in the library and available electronically. A selection of local, state, and national websites are also listed.

Inside Chico

Inside Chico is a monthly campus publication that frequently covers topics on sustainable development and has featured articles called Chico Verde, written by Jim Pushnik, the Rawlins Professor of Environmental Literacy, and Mark Stemen, director of the Environmental Studies Program. Campus Verde informs the campus community about environmental activities occurring on campus and provides information about the importance of these projects for the overall wellbeing of the campus.

User Services

User Services prints on recycled and recyclable paper, uses recycled paper for internal printing, has an office can and bottle recycling, battery and consumable waste collection, printer/toner cartridge recycling, replaced CRT with LCD computer monitors, and configures campus computers to use energy saving settings. In addition, they provide on line tutorials, training, technical support and software purchasing. They will also be upgrading the campus multi-functional copiers in departments across campus that will result in significant energy reductions.

University Printing Services

University Printing Services provides FSC® paper for print orders, as well all paper purchased for printing and copy is at least 30 percent post-consumer waste, one-sided paper or scrap paper is made into scratch pads and offered free to campus and community, on-site reuse of cardboard boxes to package customer's projects, recycles metal printing plates, plastic containers, metal containers, aerosol containers and paper that cannot be made into scratch pads. They also provide an on line method to submit copy and print orders called NowPrint.