Institute for Sustainable Development

Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites.

William Ruckelshaus
Business Week
June 18, 1990


Our Sustainable Future - CSU, Chico

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The Institute for Sustainable Development provides University leadership toward a more sustainable future through the development of campus and private partnerships focused on innovation, communication, education and conservation. The Institute serves as a catalysis for expanding the boundaries of what is possible economically, socially and environmentally by guiding the campus toward modeling sustainable practices.

We are committed to advancing the University’s Strategic Priorities and shared values by educating and graduating students with knowledge about sustainability that is intended to make them successful in our society. We provide a forum for discussion of possible solutions to contemporary issues that support a sustainable future through non-profit public outreach events and initiatives that provide students with interdisciplinary experimental learning opportunities through public-private partnerships.

While our staff is state funded, our projects and initiatives are possible only through non-profit funding and support, as well as volunteerism from students and community members. Donations throughout the year help to support our student initiatives, guest speakers, and hosted events to engage our greater community.

Some of our past event sponsors include:

Associated Students at CSU, Chico
Budget Dumpster
Butte Community College
Butte Conservation Properties
Butte County Economic Development Corp.
Butte Conservation Properties
Butte Environmental Council
CCOF - California Certified Organic Farmers
California Water Service
Center for Water and the Environment
Chico Grange
Chico Peace and Justice Center
CUAHSI, Universities Allied for Water Research
Eco Office
The Earl Foor Foundation
Loafer Creek, LLC
Lundberg Family Farms
Morrison & Company
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
R.W. Knudsen / Smucker’s
Rawlins Endowment for Environmental Literacy
Restoration Resources
Richard Heath & Associates, Inc.
River Partners
Sierra Nevada Brewery
Waste Management

Please help us to continue to work toward a sustainable future and support our programs today.

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