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School of Social Work

Fall 2020 Welcome Letter

Hello Social Work,

Welcome to the new semester.  Whether you are a new or continuing student, we are so glad you are here.  These are truly unprecedented times.  Just six months ago, we would not have even believed this could happen, yet here we are and there has never been a more important time for our profession, social work.

In our training through coursework and in the field, we learn to remain calm in times of crisis, think critically from multiple lenses, use a strengths perspective acknowledging that we all bring skills and gifts to finding solutions, and to value the power of relationships.  From the global pandemic, to the calls for social justice and public safety reform, to all of the other on-going pieces of our lives in which we experience loss, joy, anxiety, hope, fear and uncertainty, our skills are needed more than ever.  While this will be a difficult year to navigate, I have every confidence we will get through it and am so glad that we will do it together.

Your instructors have been working hard to develop high-quality, engaging and rigorous coursework for the coming semester.  That said, it may not be perfect and we count on your feedback and input.  Please be patient, especially in the first few weeks as we all figure out the technology, expectations, and the new environment.  Most importantly, I ask you to communicate with your instructors – for both course-related issues and also if things come up for you personally.  Keep in mind, we are all social workers.  We can best support you and each other if we know you need some extra time, are having difficulty with technology or your home/work environment, or just want to gain some clarity on assignments and expectations.  Please reach out.

The majority of Chico State’s fall course offerings and most student support services will be online or offered through alternative modalities.  Please know that the University is open for business and here to support your success.  Specific information about University services during this time can be found here and on specific support service websites, such as the Counseling & Wellness CenterAccessibility Resource Center, and the Basic Needs Program for food and housing support.

Our School is working remotely – we are here and ready to support you. 

BSW Program

MSW Program

Distributed Learning (DL) BSW& MSW Program

Field Education Program

Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program

Finally, reach out to me if you have questions or concerns about the Program.  We want our program to be the best it can be and your voices and input are essential.  I look forward to seeing and hearing about your good work – in the field, via honors and masters undertakings, through class projects, and activities you will engage in across our communities both in-person and remotely.

One day at a time, everyone. 

Stay safe and keep in touch, thanks-

 - Susan