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School of Social Work

Am I Ready?

Am I ready to apply to the Professional Sequence?

The School of Social Work at California State University, Chico has declared our admissions status to 'impacted' for our BSW Program beginning Academic Year 2018-2019. Click here for more information.

You are able to apply if:

  • You have a qualifying cumulative GPA (grade point average) Traditional applicants 2.5 minimum, Distributed Learning applicants 2.1 minimum, and
  • You have passed the 5 Social Work Prerequisite Courses by the Summer semester, with a grade C or better, and
  • You have passed the three Social Work Core Courses by the Fall Semester, with a grade C or better, or you are currently enrolled in these courses during the Fall semester

Click here for more information on this impaction criteria.

You are ready to begin the Professional Sequence if:

  • You are already attending CSU, Chico or if you are a transfer student who has applied to CSU, Chico and are in the process of getting admitted to the University for Fall or Spring
  • You completed of a minimum of 60 transferable semester units (90 quarter units) by end of Summer before starting applicant’s Junior year. The 60 units must include all five of the General Education (GE) requirements including the ‘Golden Four’ (A1-A4):
    • A1 Oral Communication,
    • A2 Written Communication,
    • A3 Critical Thinking
    • A4 Quantitative Reasoning
  • You completed or have in-progress, at CSU, Chico or the articulated equivalents and the following 5 prerequisites. These must be completed with a grade minimum of C, and must be completed by the end of Summer before starting the applicant's Junior year. (see )
    • A4 Statistics
    • B2 Life Science: (Human Anatomy, Biology or Physiology)
    • D1 Individual & Society –Introduction to Sociology SOCI 100
    • D2 Political & Econ Institutions– Introduction to Economics ECON 101, or Principles of Macro Analysis ECON 102, or Principles of Micro Analysis ECON 103
    • Principles of Psychology PSY 101
  • You completed or plan to complete SWRK 170, SWRK 200, and SWRK 202 by the end of Fall semester of Junior year. Must be completed with a grade minimum of C.
  • You have documented in-progress or completion of 60 volunteer hours in one or more social service agencies. Hours must be completed by December 15th. Supervisors will send the Documentation of Volunteer/Service Learning/Paid Hours (PDF) form to bswadmissions@csuchico. Please see BSW Volunteer Requirement and Volunteer Information Guide (PDF) for more information. 
GPA Requirements
  • Traditional Applicants: A minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA
  • Distributed Learning Applicants: A minimum cumulative 2.1 GPA

CSU Chico continuing students and new transfer students have equal consideration in terms of admission to the BSW Professional Sequence

What do I need to begin the Professional Sequence application process?

The Professional Sequence application includes:

  • Choose your program format
  • General Information (your contact information)
  • Academic Work
    • Information about ALL community colleges, colleges, and universities you have attended/are currently enrolled in
    • Please include CSU, Chico
    • Attach unofficial transcripts or “screen shots” of your unofficial transcripts/campus portal, as long as your school, courses, grades, and your name are included
  • Course Work
  • Social Services Experience
    • Add contact information for your supervisors regarding your volunteer, community service, or work experience.
  • Personal Statement
    • Upload a .pdf, .doc, or .docx
    • Prepare a single document that contains a half-page answer for each of the following questions. The essay must be double-spaced using 12-point font, and be grammatically correct. Please include your name as a header on each page and include a subheading for each question.
    • All applicants must answer Questions 1 - 6.
    • Question 7 is also required for Distributed Learning (DL) applicants only.
    • Essay Questions
      1. Please describe what you believe are your academic strengths based on your academic course work and 60 General Education units completed.
      2. Please describe what you believe are your professional strengths based on your service learning or paid work experience.
      3. Which social issues are likely the most challenging for you to address?
      4. How do you plan to deal with your own bias regarding these social issues?
      5. Please describe any personal/lived experience you have had and how this experience will shape your work as a social worker in the future.
      6. Yes or No Question (no paragraph needed): Are you a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces?
      7. Question Required for Distributed Learning (DL) Applicants only: In a paragraph or two, describe how the DL option is a good fit for your educational goals and emphasize your commitment to the north state after graduation. (Our Counties within our service region: Butte, Colusa, Del Norte, Glenn, Humboldt, Lake, Lassen, Mendocino, Modoc, Nevada, Plumas, Shasta, Sierra, Siskiyou, Sutter, Tehama, Trinity, and Yuba.)
  • Criminal History
    • Please describe in detail the offense and the outcome, including all information regarding fines, restitutions, sentencing, and/or rehabilitation
    • Applicants with a criminal history will not affect the application or acceptance process. The BSW Director will meet individually with each person to discuss the impact in relation to the SWRK Field Program.
  • Documented in-progress or completion of volunteer hours

I Am Ready to Apply!