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School of Social Work

About Calswec

CalSWEC, the California Social Work Education Center, is the nation's largest state coalition of social work educators and practitioners. It is a consortium of the state's 21 accredited social work graduate schools, the 58 county departments of social services and mental health, the California Department of Social Services, and the California Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

CalSWEC Mission

CalSWEC facilitates and supports statewide partnerships for the education and training of social workers to ensure culturally responsive, effective, and high-quality health and social service delivery to the people of California.

CalSWEC's Mission is supported by the following Goals:

  • Prepare a diverse group of social workers for careers in human services, with special emphasis in the fields of child welfare, integrated behavioral health, and aging
  • Define and operationalize a continuum of social work education and training
  • Engage in evaluation, research, and dissemination of best practices in social work

CalSWEC Title IV-E Stipend Program Information and FAQs

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