School of Social Work

Oral Case Review

Oral Case Review Directions

  • Each student will prepare a 10-15 minute poster presentation formatted in PowerPoint to utilize during their oral presentation
  • This poster and presentation is to be solely the graduate student’s responsibility
  • For micro and mezzo focused reviews please follow these prompts Key elements of the case. (PDF)
  • For macro focused reviews please follow these prompts for macro key elements (PDF).
  • APA formatted reference page required
  • APA citations should be included on poster presentation
  • You are expected to paraphrase and cite the relevant literature demonstrating your understanding of the existing evidence
    • You may have written about this case in a course assignment(s), for your case review you are required to write a new description of the case
      • You may not quote yourself, so be sure to paraphrase appropriately

Turning In Your Case Review

  • Submit your completed case review poster (February 8, 2023)
    • The case review will be turned in online (using a Turnitin link in the Masters in Social Work Organization located on Blackboard that will be set up for this purpose)
  • Students will present their posters (February 16, 2023).
    • Students will receive an email with their specific time. 

Comprehensive Case Review Evaluation (Grading)

  • The oral comprehensive case review will be evaluated by two faculty members who serve on the Comprehensive Case Review Committee
  • Oral presentations will last no longer than 15 minutes in which students are expected to give an overview of the case and a brief discussion of each of the key elements. 
  • Following the student presentation of the case, faculty will ask any clarifying questions of the presenter
  • The comprehensive case review will be graded on the breadth, depth, and application of the core content areas to the case.
  • Each section will receive a score of “pass” or “needs revision.”
  • All sections must be passed to pass the case review.
    • In the case of disagreement on the part of the two faculty reviewers the student will be asked to turned in a written version of that section for evaluation (see below)

 If Revision(s) Are Needed 

  • Any section of the oral presentation, which the committee deems the student has not passed, will require the student to write that section. 
    • A link will be provided in Blackboard Learn for the revision submission. 
    • Evaluators will provide written comments and instructions for revisions and/or writing.
  • The Office of Graduate Studies’ rules allow students to submit only one revised comprehensive case review.

*Please note: Faculty, including writing coaches and tutors, will not read, correct, or critique comprehensive case reviews prior to submission; however, faculty including field instructors may discuss ideas and concepts with student authors.